What do you want for your wedding day – A letter to you, the bride and groom… From me

leahwedding_0361OMG! It happened, it actually happened. A moment you have dreamed of for years, four words asked to you, or from you to her. Words that have played out in your mind in so many ways. “Will you marry me?”

And then it all starts to turn into a whirlwind of crazy. The planning, the thoughts, everyone else’s thoughts. And somewhere in there, well, that’s where I come in. The photographer for your day. You start to find photographer after photographer, offering this option and that package. All in a sea that is completely flooded with this pretty picture and that pretty picture. This hand holding that hand, this kiss and that kiss. A market that is completely over saturated – and in this sea of photographers you sit on an island, watching as the tides continue to rise toward you and you hope, you hope so dearly, that the decision you’re about to make for your days photography is the right decision for you. What is the right decision, well… That’s the real question. And that’s where you need to decide what you truly want for your day because all in all, there are three types of photographers, and one of these types will be, with out a doubt, the type you bring in to capture YOUR day, YOUR life… YOUR love…

The novice….

The amateur….

And the professional….
AshleyAndChrisWedding_0015If I were to take this post and describe each of these “types” in words, this post would turn from crazy long to ridiculously time consuming. So let me just give a quick run down and then I’ll get back to my original thoughts. The “novice”: a photographer that replicates, recreating what’s been done and holds no, or VERY little uniqueness to their work and in turn your day and will take thousands of photos hoping to get enough to create something that’s “okay”… Then the “amateur”: these photographers know the “rules” which make a “good” photo and the more of these rules they can force into a photo the more “goodness” the photo will have. This photographer can look for good light and in a stressed craze will try to create as many photos in this light as possible, again, using the rules learned… And then, then there’s the “professional”: In my eyes, the professional isn’t hired just to “get the job done”… The professional understands there is no good or bad, instead, the professional knows how to communicate and will do what ever it takes to have this communication come thru in order to create and capture the moments, the expressions and the love of your day. And will do so creating images that are uniquely yours… As your day and your love is unlike any other that has ever happened before or will ever happen or be again…

So back to what I was saying, I’m right here and I’m a professional photographer for your day. I believe I’ve let go of the rules and for me, I hope to continue making my own rules to create my own work for your day. I won’t let fear dictate what I run from in your day, instead I will look it square in the eyes and together we will shatter any fears in the day to create. TO CREATE!!! To capture and to fuse your dreams with photography and giving you the story that is uniquely yours.

SandraAndChrisWedding_0110Where does this all come from? It comes from a place of having something to say. I have something to say and I will say it throughout your day. And that something is simply love… There are so many computer tricks that individuals use, filters added, layers played with and more. Here’s the thing though, NONE OF THAT MATTERS. None of it matters unless there’s something trying to be said, coming from the person clicking that shutter release.

I guess I’m just sick of the sameness that is currently taking over the wedding industry. I don’t want your day to be plagued with that sameness. I want your day to be unique for the two of you and I want to be okay with my vision of your day. For your day… A vision that will revolve around the love the two of you have for one another and together.

When I am brought into capture your wedding day, obviously as a photographer I have to work with light, composition and timing. As a matter of fact, timing is one of the most important pieces of your day. You know what’s more important though, more than the composition and timing. It’s working with your day and thinking, even feeling, the days life – love and moments.

Chances are good, VERY GOOD, that I will probably be caught with a tear in my eyes many times over with every wedding I shoot. Chances are good that I will get goose bumps and smile as I capture each of you sharing your vows with one another. And well… Chances are good I will love your day just as much as you do and that love will come thru the photos because after all is said and done, I’m a professional photographer and will have something to say thru my work with your day.


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