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Assateague Island Wild Horses

When was the last time you went on an adventure??? Hang on, hang on… First, what does that even mean to you? I mean, right now, an adventure can be traveling the world or heading 3 towns over and finding a new cafe… And when we’re 80, an adventure could mean walking just one more block over, hand in hand, to the park we’ve wanted to go to for so long… So when I ask “when was the last time you went on an adventure?”, you can take that as you will…

So again, when was the last time you went on an adventure??? haha….

I used to “adventure” much more often, this past year I lost track – No,  I lost hold of adventures. My demons of the past began to haunt me and I found myself turning into someone I was not. I am not…. New ventures were consuming me and I stopped living. Somewhere along the line, I stopped living. And it took life, or really the opposite of life, smacking me in the face. “Get up, Brush your damn self off and dig your heels in. Realize what you want and let the world know and do it!!!”

Ya see, I’m not a sit back and see what happens kind of guy, sometimes that can be a fault that I need to work on, at other times it’s a blessing. I’m done sitting back and allowing my past to control or dictate my now. So there it is, I found myself feeling for the first time in a very long time. Actually feeling. And well….. The ocean was calling. So….. Adventure time!


Where to, where do I go??? Well, I wanted to go somewhere new, somewhere I haven’t been and one thing about living in southern New England, we have so much possibility with in a short drive. This drive, 6 hours but still short. To the Maryland Shoreline I went, Assateague Island National Shoreline… Ever heard of this place? I have to say, going in the off season is crazy awesome. There’s no one there, at all…… It felt like me, the ocean and well… The wild ponies.

Assateague Island Wild Horses

I have to tell you something, this place, I’ve heard of it, I’ve read about it… BUT NOTHING, can prepare you for the moment you’re standing on the marsh and one of these ponies comes up to you. They say to stay away, to back off – but well, that’s not me…. So I happily stood there, I reached out and placed my hand on this guys forehead…. As he dipped his head we had a conversation. Okay, maybe I was just talking to him, but he was listening. I swear. haha… But again, NOTHING can compare you to the energy that this island has. At least in the off season…. There’s a calm to the island, even with the wind whipping across the beach, a calm….


Anyway… Adventures… Life… Living…….. What would it take for you to block off a day in the next couple weeks, let go, and head out on an adventure? No matter the weather, no matter the place, to go out and find new, or even experience the old again, not to run from what you’ve been facing, but to stroll into new discoveries that you can bring home with you??? I know that for me, it’s time…. New Adventures await and traveling shall again commence….


Next up, Nova Scotia or flying into Vegas and driving into the desert… Which of those do you think I should do???? And what will YOU do?





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