Litchfield Ct. Family Portrait Session @ Topsmead Park for Jennifer and Chris – TAB Photographic

2014-10-24_0034It’s always so great when another wedding professional comes in your direction for photo work. Especially when it’s a family session. I run into Jennifer often as she frequents Starbucks with her daughter and well, I practically live at Starbucks editing away. Anyway… Jennifer is an awesome wedding planner. She can take your event on for the day, or right from the start getting her hands and energy wrapped up in your day to make sure it’s completely perfect. (but all that will be coming in another post soon about just what she can make happen)2014-10-24_0038

For now, it’s about her family session. And the day at Topsmead was perfect. Her daughter was all laughs and smiles and doing everything she was told not to do. I know I know, sounds crazy but really, it was perfect. “What ever you do, don’t kiss daddy on the cheek..” And BOOM! Kisses on the cheek for dad. You get the idea.

Anyway, the session went wonderfully, Jennifer and Chris looking so great, a “heading out on the town for dinner” look that worked perfect! Aurora fit in just as perfectly with her cute little black tutu… All in all, a great session for sure. Enjoy the slideshow below, the pics below that and if you feel like it. Let the family know how you feel in the comments area below that.

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