Wedding at Feast at Roundhill – Washingtonville, NY. for John and Jessica by TAB Photographic

2015-01-22_0005So how does it go, well, for me….. Something like this. I get a request for an awesome wedding, right off the bat I get excited about the thought of being invited into a couples day and then we start talking more and more about the details and I get totally amped. And it was no different for Jessica and John’s day. And just for starters, maybe a little on how it all went down. And of course right up there is their engagement session if you want to see where the photos all began.

And just in case you didn’t watch the video. These two met at work and right off the bat, had special restaurants and more. And the proposal, well, that went something like this. (or really, exactly like this)

“John had just started a new job and he wanted to go out to eat to celebrate. We went to our favorite restaurant, Lolitas, (also the location of one of our very first dates). After dinner we came home, i opened the door to our apartment and was shocked to see a very large bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne on ice! I turned around to see John down on one knee asking me to marry him. It was perfect, after eating at our special place, in our own home, just the two of us to have this amazing moment. I couldnt dream of anything better.” And she obviously said yes. That is after all how we got to where we are. (and he also tells the story in that video to the up top).

2015-01-22_0013And where are we anyway??? Well, right now we’re at their wedding day. A cold December day in the middle of no where New York. (don’t worry Jess & John, it was still awesome. Just no clue how I made it home in the dark. haha).. Obviously I’m just kidding, though it was almost all back roads for 2 hours. haha… The getting ready with all the laughs and then heading to Feast at Roundhill. A historic building with so much detail and a great reception room and an entire separate room for dancing. Finding this awesome venue  and creating such a great day didn’t come easy for Jessica as she wasn’t that bride who had this dream day planned since she was 5. “Putting the pieces together. I was not someone who had a dream in mind for her wedding. I knew i liked a “little of this and a little of that”, but I never had a full “vision”. It was very difficult for me to put all of the details together in my mind to picture as we were planing out the small details.”

2015-01-22_0017Their day went down in perfect style. From the getting ready to the ceremony thru the reception. Even a wonderful light snow fell thru part of the night which made it all the sweeter. And in that, was one of the most important and memorable and important pieces for these two. “The moment that we recited our vows. At that moment, all of the nerves disappeared. We both knew we were making the best decision of our lives, and looking into each others eyes, we both felt totally at home.” And it was so true. Even after doing the first look and most of the photos before the ceremony, it wasn’t till after the ceremony that they both truly took a big breath. And from there. They partied on thru the night.

So now, as they say…. It’s time for “the house, the kids and the whole 9 yards”….

In closing, when asked if they had any tips for other couples… “Have fun with everything….the things that go well, and the things that don’t go so well.”

What was important in finding a photographer… “Finding someone who understood our personality and our needs. Also, it was vital to find a photographer that wanted to photograph OUR wedding and not follow a “standard wedding package”

2015-01-22_0029And then when asked if there was anything else to share, well they surely got some extra brownie points with what they said… “Hiring Tim was one of the best decisions that we made in our planning. He became part of the family (actually some guests at the wedding thought he actually WAS part of the family). That is how good he is at making everyone feel comfortable. He is just the best (and his pictures are pretty too! ha!)”

I guess now it’s time to share the details and photos and more from their day too… OH! And don’t forget you can leave love down in the comments below for these two, and you can use the contact button above if you want to chat about your day.

Venue: Feast At Roundhill – Washingtonville, Ny.

Wedding Photographer: TAB Photographic

DJ: MSV Entertainment

Videographer: N/A

Florist: Carriage House Flowers

Hair / Make up: Amanda Munro

Dress: Davids Bridal

Mens Attire: Mens Warehouse

Transportation: Hudson Valley Limo

Cake: The Pastry Garden






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