The Stonington Lighthouse & Love – By TAB Photographic

Stonington Lighthouse Wedding Affordable Ct. Wedding PhotographersSo this one day, I was sitting at my computer editing away when “DING”…. Another awesome request for another awesome wedding. Only thing, their wedding was about 6 weeks away or so. This is not the norm, I am generally booking up my days a year to two years and sometimes more, in advance… Anyway, I am reading the request and the first thing that struck me was the location. Stonington Lighthouse. My interests peaked, but it’s about 6 weeks away. There’s no way I’m actually available. 🙁

Stonington Lighthouse Wedding Affordable Ct. Wedding PhotographersBut then… OMG. I was available!!! I excitedly replied and began chatting with William and Matilde about their day and what they hoped for. Really, what they hoped for was awesome photography coverage of their day at an awesome location. Why the Stonington Lighthouse, not to mention how would they pull this off. Well, it’s where they have one of their homes. Literally, right at the lighthouse. To me, that meant even more because now it was the grass he grew up playing in. It was the house that they had a certain type of “fun” with doing their thing. haha… All in all, I was stoked and we put everything together and locked down the day.

2015-06-25_0016Of course I did however have to ask – “your wedding is weeks away, how do you not have a photographer?!?!?”… Well, between Matilde’s schooling, the crazy of planning and oh, did I mention needing a new green card for her. Things were beyond hectic.

The planning though, it obviously came together perfectly. The only thing that could have made it better is if I brushed up on my Italian so I could have chatted with more of the guests in their home country language. (By brushed up, I really mean learned some to begin with. haha)… The day was beautiful. The sky was blue. The nerves were calm. Laughter all over and the ocean rolling up on the shore.

2015-06-25_0035Walking into the tented wedding, the succulents paired with the lanterns and cleanly designed escort and menu cards. Breathtaking. And there’s something about farm-table style weddings. All the smiles side by side, the ability to lean into the person along side with a laugh and common connection. It was just beautiful… And if you ever wanted to top that off, well, it’s easier than you think. Load all your guests up onto a bus and transport them a few miles down the road to a farm with a wonderful barn, lights strung from the trees and a party ready to happen. Everyone dancing, even grandma smiling away and getting her boogie on… Gosh… What a way to wrap up the night, William and Matilde sharing a kiss in the dark field as the fog began to roll in for the evening…

And that’s just the condensed version of their day. You really had to be there is all I can say…..

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