Mystic Ct. Wedding for Jackie & Heath at Latitude 41 by TAB Photographic Ct. wedding photographers

In Memory of Jackie’s Grandfather who recently passed. Because he got his moves on, dancing with the young ladies and his lady this night all night….

2017-08-11_0004So the day, it’s one of those New England Summer days, the sun is hot, the humidity is making itself known and there’s a bride and groom getting to say their “I – do’s”…
“Where?” You ask??? Latitude 41 at Mystic Seaport. I mean, nothing makes a New England summer day more New England, than a place like Mystic Seaport. On the water, big ships and lots of fun! Not to mention latitude 41 and Coastal Gourmet is always on point and doing what they can to make it great!
Latitude 41 Mystic Ct. Wedding Photographers photosAs for the couple, Jackie and Heath. They’re fun ones who seem to know each other so well! (I feel like Erin, the brides maid needs to be mentioned too. Just because if she’s not, she’ll be sad. And her man who took advantage of me while I was shooting from the grass. Still having nightmares. hahaha.) Okay, back to this wedding and this couple.
Before jumping ahead of myself… Let’s chat about how they met. And it seems like things are making more and more sense. Like Heath getting caught trying to sneak Jack and Cokes into the venue. He obviously likes to see what corners he can get around… As they say here, with “dipping the pen in company ink.” (I’m going to leave all the other comments in my head out of this)… We met while we both worked for a large banking institution in NYC.
Clearly didn’t follow that whole dipping the pen in company ink, because we not only worked for the same company, but actually worked for the same group. We spent most days trying to avoid contact at the actual office, and dodging coworkers on our commute home. We used to get a lot of laughs out of our commutes.”..
2017-08-11_0012From there, they both got fired for said ink dipping. hahaha. Okay, maybe they didn’t, but they did begin to realize it was the real deal and things were getting hot and heavy. So hot that Jackie recounts an evening where things were really hot…It was hot, haha like I almost passed out from the heat… Heath mentioned earlier that week wanting “authentic sushi” and that the Japanese gardens, Morikami was worth a visit. I think we got there like right when it opened at 10am, and we basically were the only ones there. We got halfway through the walk, and Heath pulled me to the side. He took me by the hand and asked if I could spend the rest of my life with him. I responded with…”I guess, if you’re not a bone head”. He laughed, then proceeded to say, “well then I have another question for you” and got down on one knee. After a quick yes and almost passing out from the heat, we made our way onto the sushi lunch that Heath wanted.
2017-08-11_0030Reading these damn things always give me chills………
So that brings us to their wedding day, where Jackie wasn’t nervous till I showed up. Which was funny since I heard they were just gonna be drinking Champagne and waiting for me to get there. Which, if you read her wedding day confession, is pretty much what it was. I wasn’t super antsy or nervous until Tim showed up. When he got there, I knew that it was time to get into the dress and get the show on the road. Up until that point, my girls and I were just enjoying our time together in the suite being pampered. He got there and it all of a sudden got super real that the ceremony was going to start!
2017-08-11_0033Anyway, the truth is, neither of them were really “nervous”… Just excited – For both of us it was the excitement and anticipation. I remember being able to see Heath from afar as we made our way to the aisle, then having him dip out of sight until we were pretty much at the altar. It was honestly one of the longest walks of my life.” And the good news is that looking back, they both say they wouldn’t change a thing. They rocked out the day even with having to plan it from 1000 miles away. So while Jackie enjoys her favorite treat of ice cream, and heath enjoys his as well, eating jackie’s ice cream before she can, they plan on moving forward with life. They had their awesome honeymoon in Maui and now just want to travel more.
Anything they wanted to share about their day –In general, my advice would be to find the vendors that you not only like their work, but you also like their personality. I think what made our day run so smoothly was I knew my vendors totally got us, and our vision for the day. I never once felt like I was bothering them when calling in regards to what I deemed stupid questions or concerns. They answered timely and walked me through each step of the process, and I think a lot of that was because they were passionate about what they did, but also passionate about OUR day being their focus at that moment on the phone/email/etc.” 
2017-08-11_0038That whole it goes fast thing, is totally legit. Take each moment as it comes and cherish it. All weekend we had great food, great weather and an amazing time celebrating with family and friends. Also watch out for the security guard at Mystic Seaport, apparently dressing in tuxes and a wedding dress is not proof enough that you are in fact the wedding party that was allowed on the property to take photos and not the random group of people looking to party there… Also also- dancing your butt off really happens, ask our groomsmen who legit shredded his pants on the dance floor, haha.
And well, that’s that. Other than what they shared about their photographer, because I’m obviously going to share that… Their thoughts: Passion and personality. You spend a hell of a lot of time with your photographer – between engagement pics and the wedding day, we did not want someone who didn’t click with us. I’d seen it at past weddings I was in or attended, where the couple and the photographer just didn’t mesh. To me, it showed in the pics. Also passion for what they do. Anyone can take a photo, but it takes someone who has passion for photography to really think outside the box for photo ideas, and go the extra mile (laying on the grass etc) to get that pic.

I guess now we can move on to their pics. Huh???

  • Latitude 41
  • Duhh? (I think she means me, TAB Photographic Second shooting was Rachel)
  • 5 Star Mobile DJ – Gabe (featuring Jimmy on Sax), Cheshire, CT
  • None, we trust the pictures will be enough (HA)
  • Stylish Blooms – Melissa V, Bristol, CT
  • Two Spa Girls – Andrea (makeup) & Kristin (hair), North Haven, CT
  • Cole Haan
  • Wtoo – The White Magnolia, Tampa, FL
  • My gift – earrings from CR Jewelers, his – Tiffany cufflinks
  • First Student Charter
  • Creative Cakes By Donna, Haddam, CT
  • CR Jewelers, Boca Raton, FL
  • Men’s Warehouse
  • Wedding Paper Divas

(please note, photo resolution is taken down as to not use up your data, photos are crisper in “real life”)


Latitude 41 Mystic Ct. Wedding Photographers photos

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