Because of the moments – Cranwell Resort and Spa Lenox Mass.

In with our full posts, we’re going to begin sharing some favorite images from the past, present and future as well. Okay okay, maybe sharing images from the future will be tough, but at least we have faith that we’re going to have some. These quick shares will generally be one image, or one layout of an image set. Sometimes, there’s a certain image that just speaks to a wedding day. It’s as simple, not as simple, as that.

Cranwell Resort and Spa Lenox Mass Wedding

This moment, before a bride walks down the aisle. A few quiet thoughts. Maybe she’s thinking about the individual who will be waiting at the other end of the aisle for her. Maybe it’s that she will finally have her forever? (I’m really stuck on this forever thing because I believe in it. And it’s something I’m ready for in life)… Anyway, back to this bride. Maybe she’s reflecting back on all the moments that lead them to this point. Maybe some lows, maybe the highs. But each moment brought her to this one right here. In her wedding gown. The bride she always dreamed of being. For her groom, the man who will now have her back as she too has his….

It’s these moments right here, in a wedding day, that speak so incredibly loud, all while they are so magically quiet………


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