The Bill Millers Castle Wedding for Leah And Dave by TAB Photographic



So I met Leah and Dave quite some time ago, guests at a great wedding in Mass. Chatting with these two for a bit and never losing touch. And that’s a great thing because the day that Dave contacted me letting me know his plans, I was so excited. She didn’t even know what was coming and he was planning everything out. And it started with asking for her hand in marriage. Which is exactly what he did. But here’s the thing, he wanted me there to capture the moment going down. The proposal. And of course I was game. The plan, to bring her to Jones Winery in Shelton for a work party… Only thing, there was no work party and this was a moment just for the two of them where he could have that moment to propose to her. Till that moment came, I found myself hiding and shooting from dark corners as well as under a counter and around the side of the bar. It went something like this.


From there, came the engagement session. OH WAIT! She did say yes, just in case you didn’t watch the video. So back to what I was saying, the engagement session. A great one for sure right in my town of Collinsville and the surrounding area. Only thing, holy gosh there was a crazy storm that came through town right as we started. We’re talking the sky turned black, the wind was crazy off the hook and it POURED!!!! Good thing it was one of those summer storms that came and went and just like that was gone. And with leaving, OMG, it created such a great backdrop and even better lighting. The steam off the roads, the rain drops falling from the trees, and the love that these two have for each other and for life overpowered it all!!! And with that. here’s the engagement session fun that we had.


What’s next, I mean, you have the proposal, then you have the engagement photos and of course, following up on that is the wedding. A beautiful day in late December for these two that have been so lucky to this point so why not carry it thru to their day. A quick pause and some quick thanks that they also made it thru was a very trying time a few months before the wedding where a horrific car accident landed them both in the hospital and Leah in the hospital for a few weeks. With God on their side they pulled thru and made it not only to their wedding day, but to their new forever. A forever that will have Dave and Leah together, growing more in love and creating more memories and moments to carry them thru. And that was all so apparent on their wedding day with their family and friends. Seeing that bond all the way thru. And it was incredible to witness throughout the day. Incredible to say the least.. So with out any further hesitation, maybe I should just share their wedding day  fusion slideshow as well. (Oh! And wait till you see the music breakdown around the 8 minute 15 second mark!!!)





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