Aria Banquets Wedding for Katy and Ron – Prospect, Ct. – Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic

2014-10-30_0001There are always reasons that every man knows “that woman” will be his wife. And the thing is, it’s different for every man too. For Ron it was a few things. First “her love for her family” next up, “her love of dogs, I never knew anyone that loved dogs as much as I do, our dogs mean more than anything in the world to us”.. I can attest to that too because they brought those beautiful pups along for the engagement session and it was so obvious that they had just as much love for their pups as they do for each other. And then the third reason Ron knew “she” was the one… When he had to go in for surgery and “she stayed by my side the entire time, she stayed every night even though she had work and school the next day”

And that moment, that time in the hospital… Well, I think it was that moment for Katy too, as she recalls there wasn’t that “ah hah” moment of love. But there was  a moment in time when she put it all together… “I just remember looking at him one night and thinking that there was nobody else I wanted live the rest of my life with. I wanted to be the one who would sit by his side forever, and to take care of him when he was sick. As I sat there I just thought of everything I wanted for myself in the future and I couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather have by my side than Ron. I wanted him to be my husband and I knew that sooner or later he would be.”

So they had this love of dogs, they had some “vacation get away” time in the hospital together and less than a month after that, Ron found the ring…

2014-10-30_0017“It was July 1st 2012 at our favorite vacation spot in East Vassalboro Maine, at my familys cabin on the water. We were out in the water all day and in the hot weather. I knew I was proposing later that day so when it was approaching I knew there were going to be pictures taken because my whole family was at the cabin with us . So I was telling Katy  to shower because I knew she was going to want to look good in the pictures. She kept telling me I don’t want to take a shower over and over again but I kept telling her to take one. She finally did… lol. So later when the sun was setting over the lake we were both on the island, and I asked her to take a picture of us which I never do. After the picture I stood in front of her and said to her “you know how much I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you” and she nodded and said “ I know” then I said “ well this is about to happen” which to this day I still have no idea why I said that lol. And I got  on one knee and she thought I was joking until I took the ring our of my pocket and opened it up and said “will you marry me?” she then started to cry and said “yes”. I got up and we kissed and everyone in my family was on the porch and they started screaming and clapping. It was a good night.”

Fast forward to the current time and it was a stellar wedding day taking place at Aria Wedding Banquets in Prospect, Ct. Ballrooms that are grande, chandeliers that shimmer, food that is awesome and so much more. And their day went down perfect. The first kiss was almost had in the dark, the cake was, ummmm…. Well, smashed with style and all in all, the party was spectacular. And from here, I believe both their lives will be spectacular together as well. Why do I say this? Well, when asked separately what they both look forward to. Ron says “I look forward to starting a family with katy. She has a lot of nieces and nephews and is great with kids. We also both have a love for dogs and both said that we want a dog farm lol. We are taking over her fathers breeding business and we cant wait to start. I pretty much just can wait to spend the rest of my life with my wife.” And Katy starts off with the same thing… The same talk about family.. “I think what excites me the most about our future together is building a family. I already know that he is going to be the most amazing father in the world. He’s a very quiet man that doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve but I can already see the love that he will have for our future children just by the way he talks about the future and all the different things he wants to do with our future children.”

2014-10-30_0022So I guess, they’ll have their puppies, they’ll have their kids… And they’ll have each other…

But for now, what we have are photos below and a slideshow to boot. Enjoy them and if you want, share your love in the comments area below the photos. You can also subscribe to my posts just so you can receive more stories, recipes and adventures directly in your e-mail, share this post and more. Just by clicking the appropriate buttons down below.

No matter what though, and as always… Shine on!

Pieces and parts of their day as well as some closing thoughts from the bride:
Venue: Aria wedding and banque
Photographer: TAB Photographic <— that’s me
DJ: Local Motion Entertainment (Geoff Pusko)
Florist: Toni Goode
Videographer: Brian j. Productions
Cake: Chimirris bakery
Officiant: Toni Soboleski
Dress: Allure bridal at Stylish Impressions
Rings: Michaels Jewelers and Titanium Buzz
Shoes: Nina shoes
Limo: Hunters limousine 
Photo Booth: Keith Alan
Anything you would change?
Everything is not going to go exactly how you want it to go on the day of the wedding and my wedding was no exception to that but I can’t think of anything that I would want to change. I married the most perfect man and everyone had a fantastic time and we couldn’t ask for anything more. 
Any advice for other couples getting married and for their day?
Take some time after the ceremony and just be with your new husband/wife. Take everything in and realize you just chose to be with this person for the rest of your life. Even if it’s only five minutes alone, it will be the best five minutes together. Oh and everyone should get a photo booth, they are so fun!!


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