Stonington Meadows / Stonington Borough Wedding for Chris and Ashley by TAB Photographic

2014-09-25_0002He wanted to propose in a way that she would never forget, in a way “that she deserved”… She just wants to “wake up everyday of my life for the next 103937 years next to my new husband.” Right there, doesn’t that show plenty of love?

After Chris’s sister set up an online profile for him and he began “searching through the women”…. There… there was Ashley. And well, the rest was history. They met, they began finding their favorite hideaways, treat stops and more. And back to the proposal…. The day was coming and Chris recalling that he was “terrified”.  One could state, there’s nothing to be terrified about but come on. We all know that’s not the truth. The nerves can take over and we want only the best for the ones we love. And again, he wanted to propose in a way that she deserved. And a way that represented how he truly felt about her. Well… Things don’t always work out how we want them to… Dapper Man Wedding Photographers in Ct.“The proposal went so bad, haha. I wanted to do it at the place where we met. But after too much ice cream, a stomach ache and exhaustion, it turned into me saying screw it. I reached in my sock drawer where I momentarily stashed the ring and popping the big one as she was getting ready to go to bed.”

Of course she said yes!!!

That brings us to the wedding day. I know you’re getting tired of me saying this, but it was another day that has stellar weather. It’s what this year has been filled of almost every single wedding. And for these two. They knew it was another perfect day. The nerves, no one can say there were “nerves”… Chris was “more anxious.” He knows he made the right deception because the “love was tremendous and it was so exciting”  For Ashley, no nerves there either. “Not one bit. He’s the love of my life. I was more worried about timing of the day and walking down the isle Infront of all of our guests!”

Before they could walk down the aisle though, it was a day that consisted of such a powerful first look. And this is what they’re all about. The quiet moment, just the two in love. No one staring at them. Just their tears, emotions, laughter… And boy, this one was a powerful one. I won’t lie, I’m an emotional freakin’ guy. And I honestly believe that’s part of what makes me love what I do so much and this was just another first look where my breath was taken away. Where the tides were rising a bit in my soul. (that’s me saying I might have teared up a little)…

And it’s one of the moments Ashley recalls the most about her day even. I mean, of course that’s because I was chilling with them and it was just us, but who can blame her… or maybe, just maybe it wasn’t me at all…. “Honestly, the look on Chris’ face during the first look right after you snapped that pic you posted he tilted his head to the left and just make this look like “god damn” … That. I will never forget.”

2014-09-25_0037The other thing about this first look, it didn’t take away from the moments when Chris saw Ashley walking down the aisle toward him either. Each moment, was simply, well… Off the hook… Chris, to this day is probably saying “sorry I lost it and wrecked the first look”… Damn, he didn’t wreck anything. That’s what it’s all about…

“The sound of her heals hitting the stone right before the first look. That’s when I lost it.”


The ceremony flew by and off to Stonington Borough we went. It wasn’t a long time we had to shoot but we made the most of it. Using the water, the streets, the setting sun… All of it was spectacular. And looking back, like most couples, they have advice. They have memories.

2014-09-25_0041While there are pieces of the day that Ashley says she would do a little differently, bringing to point, to really make sure your vendors are the right ones for your day. (She did not mean that she wouldn’t want me there by the way. haha)… The advice they do want to share. (other than making sure your bridesmaids have fans to keep you cool with that dress on). (did I just throw that in there Ashley??? DOH! )

Ashley: Allow as much extra time during the day as possible. A timeline is KEY. Your event planner/wedding coordinator is vital to the flow of your day and choose a photographer you love, you’re going to spend the entire day with them 🙂

Chris: I would try to slow things down even more. I had advice to really enjoy the moment because time flies. But honestly I didn’t understand how quickly it does until this very moment.

All in all, it was another fanTABulous wedding for sure! And now, now you can watch the video, check out the photos, CONTACT ME HERE if you need an awesome photographer for your day. No matter where you are, we may be a Ct. / Maine Based Wedding Photographers but we capture weddings across the country and around the world.


  • Venue: Stonington Meadows, Stonington, Ct.
  • DJ: Harry Gambardella – HG Entertainment
  • Florist: Robin Hollow Farm
  • Caterer’s: Costal Gourmet
  • Dress: Provonias from Alexandria’s Bridal Boutique,
  • Shoes: Clark’s 
  • Rings: Nigrelli’s Jewlery, Westerly, RI
  • Other Jewelry: earrings… Humm can’t even remember lol got them at Nordstroms
  • Cake: mystic market east ( not recommended by couple and I can vouch for that too ) 
  • Hair: Paul Perrira, Lazuli Salon (bride) and bridesmaids used Studio B Salon in Cranston, RI
  • Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse 
  • Hotel bags, menus & favors: LeLa Events & Sweets

And feel free to leave your thoughts, well wishes and comments below in the comment field so Ashley and Chris can feel the love.


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