Meet Amber and Brendan – The Engagement Session – Their October 2016 Coming Soon

“I was a little nervous, as I dont always like 100% attention on me., but i was also excited. And Brendan HATES photos, so i was nervous as to how he was going to react being told to “pose”. BUT it turned out awesome”


I have to say, had they not told me about being nervous, I really wouldn’t have known. We laughed thru the session and drove around to a few awesome spots. This spring has been a tough one to shoot in, locations that we normally could or would use haven’t been filled with the normal colour yet. So on this day, we drove around and worked with places we found. Which, if I must say, worked out pretty great.

After the hour and a half session, we called it a wrap and as Amber said “It turned out awesome and was actually fun. I like how you made it so easy. You gave Brendan no time to think about the fact that he was taking photos for 1.5 hours :)”… That in my book, someone that “HATES” having their photos done not realize that we were rocking the session for 1.5 hours, is a win win win… haha…

2016-04-21_0004Really, Amber and Brendan are pretty great together. They laugh and play… The story of how they met is pretty fitting… “My best friend from Quinnipiac is Brendan’s best from from home (they grew up in Bristol together). I had met brendan via our mutual friend Ryan a few times when he visited quinnipiac. Ryan decided that “we were the same person” and decided to play mr. match maker. He told each of us that the other “liked us and we should just go on a date”. I went on the first date thinking I had nothing to lose because Brendan already liked me, and he did the same, but truth is that wasnt the case at all. It wasnt until almost 8 months later that we figured out the set up.” So I think we all need to give Ryan two thumbs up on how he planned their meeting all out. I mean….  He likes you, She likes you….. That’s a pretty smooth move for a matchmaker. haha…

Anyway… If there’s one thing Amber could share about the engagement session it was this….. “have fun, dont wear heels lol”

For now, they wait for their wedding day……………



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