Engagement Session for Kimone and Marc – Their Riverview Wedding Coming October 2016

Collinsville Ct. Engagement Session“Be open minded and come prepared to have fun! It’s a great way to get to know (and become comfortable) with your photographer! Oh and don’t be alarmed but there’s ALOT of PDA that day….lol” 

That was the key piece of advice that Kimone wanted to share about the engagement session. And there is surely a chance you may kiss more during our session than the week leading up to it. haha…. Really though, these two were awesome. They met in medical school down in Nashville and became “study buddies”…. ( mmhhmmmmm… We know what that means. haha.) Really though, they were study buddies and it blossomed into much more and now, they have their wedding day to look forward to and their forevers together.

2016-04-13_0012From the second these two showed up, it was all laughs and good times. The only thing I’m bummed about is that I missed the crash course in how to tie a bow tie on the ride in. While the day was unfolding, it’s not to say there weren’t thoughts or concerns. I mean, this is the second most important day, next to your wedding. (okay, maybe it’s not but just play along here…)

For Kimone, there were some thoughts and concerns “Before the session I was excited and nervous, wondering whether I would look awkward in the pictures. I kept hoping Tim would give us alot of direction in terms of posing, etc..I wondered whether the weather would be nice enough for the outfit I had in mind. The day of I was nervous about how cold it felt in the AM and whether it was going to rain or not.” And you see, it’s not something that is incredibly comfortable. You’re going to be spending time with your photographer, having photos taken, asked to kiss, play, do some things that may not feel all that comfortable. So being nervous is natural. That’s one of the reason the engagement session is so important. It gives us a chance to work together before your day actually gets here. We should have a blast with it, and enjoy it… As they said, when I asked what their thoughts were after the session, “I had such a blast that for the entire rest of the day we kept saying how we’re so glad we did the shoot in general (we had been discussing whether it was even necessary or not) and how glad we were that we had instructions/directions and that he did a great job at bringing lots of humor into the day so that we could relax and have awesome photos!”

Anyway… Enough of my rambling… Let’s wish these two the best over the coming months leading up to what will be an awesome day at The Riverview in Simsbury…. Can’t wait guys!!!!!



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