The Old Lyme Beach Engagement Session for Elizabeth and Matt



After having the weather force us to reschedule our session at least three times…. We found a day when the sun would be shining and it was going to be about 80 degrees with no humidity. I mean… Does it get better than that? Of course, a day later it then said 75 and rain all day… No matter, neither Elizabeth, Matt or myself, said word one about it. I think we were all on the same page, we are shooting no matter what! haha…


Sure enough, the sun was nowhere to be found. Which, from a photographers stand point, isn’t always a bad thing. Especially when on a beach with no shade. That’s why we always try to aim for later in the day so the sun is a little lower and gives us the best light to work with. The over cast and cloudy sky just meant we would be having more fun thru the entire session. Not to mention, a beach with barely anyone on it. And fun is what we did. It was a great time with these two and with their August wedding day rapidly sneaking up on us their energy was crazy excitement and full of love… (other than Matt trying to shoot me… But Elizabeth saved my life so all was good….)


Now it will be on to the wedding day coming up in the future, which again, with out a doubt… Will be spectacular!!!!





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