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Custom Paper Products – Karri Lee Designs – Vendor Spotlight



Watercolor | Calligraphy All things paper for Weddings and Events. envelopes, invitations, custom signage….

It’s time to bring another vendor spotlight into the mix. This time around, I introduce you to Karri of Karri Lee Designs…

Karri has something special. She’s crazy talented as an artist and a creator. She totally loves those little moments, the ones that many let slip by, she not only sees but takes into her soul. The way the clouds pick up the faintest colours as the sun sets, the way the fog will fill a valley leaving the outline of trees hidden within… It’s those little things, the emotion, the discovery, the feelings. I think it’s those little things bring out the softness in her art. In her process…

What it comes down to is simple. When you need those specialty paper products, Karri Lee Designs is a perfect option. From creating that perfect invitation to hand calligraphy addressing envelopes. Karri will work with you to create that look that’s perfect for your wedding or event. From custom painting designs to digital graphics and if for some reason she can’t do what you need, she will point you in the perfect direction so you would be crazy not to start with her.

Instagram: @karri.lee.designs –




Next vendor spotlight coming in the near future – Hair and Make Up Team


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Vendor Spotlight – HG Entertainment – When you need the party to be perfect – Ct. Wedding / Event DJ

harryg2I’ve worked with Harry from HG Entertainment on many occasions. Actually, I think we probably worked together the first time, maybe 5 or so years ago. Since then, he’s been the one that I come back to more often than most when a couple asks for a recommendation. “Why?”, easy. He knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t nickel and dime couples, and he throws a good party. He’s not that DJ that’s in everyones faces and loud and always talking, yet he’s not the DJ that just sits behind his equipment hoping no one comes up to him either. Actually, if you do go up to him, he will always greet you with a smile and truly listen….

While Harry does with he was an international jewel thief, it’s really not in the cards for him. He’s outgoing and has a great spontaneous side that works incredibly well for events. And if you need to butter him up to play certain songs, bring him canolli and he’ll probably do anything you want.

harrygWhen I asked Harry a couple other questions about what he does, his answers rolled in with out hesitation and every word was obviously so sincere…

Favorite thing about being a DJ? Having the chance to create memories to last a lifetime. To be at the events that are the most important in people’s lives and to be able to enhance the events. Making people laugh and enjoy themselves. 

What are the best things that HG Entertainment can offer a couple? Complete and utter attention to every detail. A non-stop evaluation of the vibe of the room. And, constant adjustment to the music/entertainment to assure the energy level is high and people are having the best time ever.

One thing a couple shouldn’t short cut on their wedding day? The entertainment. No one ever said, “I was going to leave the wedding early but I stayed longer because these flowers just look so darn pretty”. It’s the entertainment that makes or breaks the event. It’s the right entertainer that serves as the coordinator and assures everything is running smoothly and fun. (as the photographer, I may not agree with harry on that one, but I’ll let it slide this one time….)

Reality is, Harry will bring a level of fun to your day to make it awesome. The guests will have a great time and he won’t let you down if you let him work with you to do his thing…

HG Entertainment Website

Click here for HG Entertainment Facebook Page

If you have some words or experiences to share about Harry and HG Entertainment that other couples would enjoy, leave it in the comments below.



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