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No Wedding Photo Will Ever Compare….

In Memory of Edmond Searles

This past weekend I captured, what is and will always be, “THE” photo from a wedding day. Really, there are two. In 11 years, I have never taken a photo that was a moment like no other, of a love like no other, and one that brought back so many feelings, like no other…. A photo that brought back such emotion and thoughts as to how I got into this entire industry. When my father passed away and I got into the photography world to keep that part of him with me, as he was a professional photographer.

Anyway, the week or two prior went like this. (I’m recapping and keeping some of this story private for reasons that are somewhat obvious”…)

Hey there, a mutual bride used you for her her wedding and I was on the hair and make up team that morning. You had a great energy and I’m curious on your fees. My boyfriend and I are throwing a super spontaneous wedding together. My fathers health is deteriorating quicker than anticipated. 

Right away, I knew I would be there, I would help out and I would do what I could do to make sure one more piece of the day was off her plate. Fast forward two weeks and we were at her wedding day.

Smiles abundant, tears sneaking in from time to time. Her father on the way to the house to get dressed so he would walk or if need be, roll his daughter down the aisle. (Not litterally roll HER, just maybe he would need to be in a wheel chair)… Unfortunately this didn’t play out as hoped, he did make it to the house but wouldn’t make it to the wedding ceremony as he had to get to the hospital. Energies were in turmoil and everyone was doing what ever we could for him, for her and for all of the family. Really, let’s just call it like it was, and that’s a pretty sucky situation.

So, we run around outside and do a few bridal portraits. The wind was high, the temps where low, but we ran around and laughed and got Emily to her ceremony and her now husband. The ceremony was emotional, certain pieces a miss, but the love, the love was strong. Family photos, a handful of photos of the now husband and wife and the decision had been made, we will go to the hospital so Emily and her father could spend some wedding day moments together. And well, this moment, this time, I don’t believe any other wedding in the past or the future will ever compare to this moment. When we entered the hospital, walked down the hall and turned the corner into his room. The smile that snuck onto his face, the softness of their hands holding the others. The quiet words spoken. I stepped out after a few quick photos because this wasn’t my moment. This was theirs and I felt as though I captured it in the best way I knew how.

And in that next moment, walking down the hall, back to the car, the tears, the memories of my past, and that moment. Emily and her father and his new son now welcomed to the family. It was that moment, right there, that no other wedding moment will ever compare to….

And it was these… Right here. These will always be two of my “strongest” images…. Without question…

And yes, unfortunately I write this post in memory of this incredible man, Edmond Searles, Emily’s father. He passed away less than 12 hours later, no longer in pain or fighting the struggle. He’s at peace knowing that his daughter is safe in the arms of her husband. Wrapped in love, from the memories of her father and the future with her husband. More than anything, I want to thank the entire family for trusting me with this day, this love and this moment… Right here.

I am always reminded of how lucky I am to do what I do…..


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Thank you to my TAB Photographic couples for making this possible…

Some of my friends and even some of my couples know that I have two awesome pups. If you follow me on instagram at either @tabphotographic or @theadventuretab you will see photos of them pop up…

Anyway, Banksy, the guy pictured here, while he may only be 21 months old has had a tough go of it. He was rescued from a local rescue and shortly there after, his brother Blue came home. I don’t really want to get to deep into details here but things weren’t going to smoothly for a while and effected many pieces of life in this household. Now though, these two guys are such loves together and always look up at me as though there’s no one better in the world……

They’re not really what this post is about though, this post is actually about giving back. And it’s because of all the TAB Photographic couples that come this way which make giving back possible. As April wraps up, this months donation went to the ASPCA ( you can donate here as well ) with a donation of $200.00…. I do wish I could give more, but some is better than nothing. And even if you donated $10.00, that’s awesome. For this year, at the end of each month I will donate a certain amount of proceeds to causes which combat animal neglect, cruelty and more. If there’s a non-profit you believe I should know about which revolves around that, feel free to comment or email me and I will add it to the future list…

Anyway, for now, I just wanted to thank all the couples from this month which made the donation possible….. I can’t wait till the months really start rolling and I’m able to do more for every animals future…..



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Couples & Lovers – Wedding Photography Tips and Inspiration

TylerAndShanaWedding_0628So wedding season is upon us. Well, at least it’s beginning…. And one thing I SOOOO love with each and every wedding is when we have time to create images that are all yours. When we can slow our roll and put the best possible energy and love into the best possible, and unique to your day, photography… Here’s the thing, no matter what, we will make sure your photos are spot on. You’ll get photos that you’ll love, photos that will tell the story of your day and photos you will love sharing with pretty much, anyone who will slow down to look at them…. But, BUT, what if we could make the time to create photos that will stop anyone who sees them instead of just slowing them down. What if we can make photos happen that will be all yours, photos that are more your own personal pieces of art work. That you may indeed just want to frame and hang on the wall in a 24″X30″ size. And not so you just have a big photo of your wedding on your walls. More so you have a photo on the walls that can pull the eyes of guests in who may not even know it’s you at first??? If you’re in, read on. If you just want to make sure your photos are awesome and the day cruises by super quick like… Close this window and go back to work. :)….

instaTAA_7878So… Did you leave or do I still have ya’???

Okay, assuming you’re still here, and well, hopefully you’re a piece of or both parts of a TAB Photographic couple (and if you’re not, no matter where in the country or even world you are, we can work to make some awesome happen, just reach out using the contact button…)… Anyway, as I was saying, assuming you’re still here, if you want to really make images that will be all your own, if a part of your day would be better spent with a handful of unique quality photos over quantity then it’s time we talk about timing. ( there’s another post I recently wrote about tips for your day here as well ) Timing is, with out a doubt, one of the most important pieces of your day. And no matter what, we will work to make sure the day goes seamlessly between all of the professionals you bring into your day. That we will do our best with no matter what….

LauraAndIanWeddingPhotos_0477Here’s what I’m asking though, can we steal 30 minutes of your day to create stunning unique images? Images that convey love but will stay fresh? Images that will be all yours??? Maybe it will be tough to do with both of you together because a first look isn’t an option you want to work into your day. If that’s the case, it’s fine. But can we have 30 minutes of time for bridal portraits alone??? Ya see, here’s the thing, because I don’t work off those “normal” set timeframes that most photographers do, this won’t cost you more, it won’t steal away from another piece of your day. What this will also do, is give some quiet time where we can slow down for the first time all day… Where we can work to create a handful of photos that will be a million percent…. Special to your day…….

Okay, I’m going to be honest here, this post is me being totally selfish. haha… I just want to create, and I want to create images that are all yours. It’s really that simple. And with a wedding day where this time is slotted in, we will still create, the photos will still be all yours, but just imagine what could be possible if we could slow down, even just for 20-30 minutes?????? Let’s chat about making some awesome… You in?????

Lord Thompson Manor Wedding Photos by Ct. Boston NYC Wedding Photographer TAB Photographic

Port Hampton Marina at Saint Clements Castle Wedding Photography Photos TAB Photographic Ct.


Mason's Island Yacht Club Mystic Ct. Wedding Photographer TAB Photographic

Oceancliff Newport RI wedding photographers TAB Photographic





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I’m just lucky… That’s all really………

No, seriously. I am… I’m one lucky duck…..

This past weekend, beginning Thursday and ending Sunday, I was invited to capture three different weddings. I won’t lie, three weddings can be a doozy, but three weddings can also be awesome. And the best part, wrapping up Sunday, the last wedding of the bunch, I was just as excited to get to the next wedding….. That’s one way I totally know I still love what I do.

One of those reasons, the love what I do reasons, is because every wedding, every location, is so flippin’ awesome and new.

Thursday’s wedding I got to shoot on the beach at Madison Beach Hotel…. One of the best locations for a beach wedding in Ct.

Saturday’s wedding, Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, Ct. ….. Such a stellar estate for beautifully crafted weddings.

And then Sunday I got to wrap up in Downtown Hartford at The Hartford Marriot. Offering up city streets and more for awesome shots…

At every wedding I shoot, I do what I can to stop and take in some of the awesome. From the people to the location to the details. Each wedding always unique in their own way and offering so much. And being invited in to capture their love. F’in great!!! Anyway… I’m just lucky. That on a holiday weekend, I got to hang out at the beach, visit a historic manor and find myself in the city… All in a three day stretch. Not many people get to experience all that over a three day stretch…

What can I say… I’m one lucky duck…..

And while these three images barely touch on their days… I might as well share one from each wedding!!!

::The Madison Beach Hotel Wedding::

Madison Beach Hotel Wedding Photos Photographers in Madison Ct.

::The Lord Thompson Manor Wedding::

Lord Thompson Manor Wedding Photos Photographers Ct. TAB Photographic

The Downtown Hartford Marriot Wedding

Downtown Hartford Wedding Photos Hartford Marriot wedding

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Random Moments and Time


2016-05-18_0006So yesterdays engagement session was running a little late and well, I’m not one to complain about much so instead I started the car back up and went for a drive. Enjoying the lyrics and tunes playing with the sunroof open and the trees passing by. It was only a few minutes before I saw these two old Willy’s Jeeps though. And well…. I pulled a Uturn, grabbed my camera and did some shooting.

Thing is, I find just as much beauty in an old rusty Jeep as I do the flowers in the grass behind. Maybe more. haha… Either way, I see what I see and capture the way it resonates in my mind.

I won’t bore you with more of these thoughts or reasons, I’ll just share some of the images that I captured… And to the couple who was running late, you know who you are…. Thank you. 🙂




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Wedding Photography Styles – Let’s throw them out the window………

Ct. wedding photographers Style Wedding photographer

“What’s your style?”….. I hear this question with almost every one of my awesome couples. I even hear it from the couples that aren’t so awesome. Of course that’s only because they went in another direction. But hey, I can’t be for everyone and they’re still awesome… Just not as awesome. haha…

Anyway… “What’s your style?”…. I believe somewhere, there’s a handbook with questions to ask your wedding vendors and this is just one that falls under photographers. Of course my answer is generally “it’s the style you want for your day”… Followed with a laugh. Really though, wedding photography styles. They vary across the board. You’ll see some photographers with their work being very photojournalistic. Why is this? Do they prefer not to interact? Is it how they were trained? Are they more of a voyeuristic type individual? Is it just what they want to shoot? Then there’s the very formal and portraiture style, almost trained to a “T” by the book. What ever book that may be. Every pose, every piece of a day detail oriented, formulated and set up…. Artistic. Many pieces and parts of the day. At times more fun, other times more serious. Really working off the photographers thoughts and feelings of the day… Shots that you need to just trust the photographer on because you may see what they’re trying to do but really not have a clue at how awesome the shot will be. High fashion, lost of off camera lighting, more dramatic. Worked around the style of the day and in my eyes, a very edgy style with images that can be striking but with less softness to them. And then the natural light photographers. Generally softer, more elegant and love. Each style incredibly fitting for a wedding day and perfect in it’s own ways….


Anyway…. Back to what where I was originally going with this… (I tend to ramble and get off subject at times, don’t hate. haha)… “What’s your style of shooting?”…. Well, here’s the thing for me. I don’t want to just shoot in any set style. If you look at my work you may see images that hit you more than others. Images that make you smile, think, cry, feel…. Some images a moment, some more posed or styled with off camera lightning. Some may be a single tear as the bride put on her gown and just realized “oh, shit just got real, I’m walking down the aisle to my forever”…. Maybe it’s a laugh between a bride and her girls. Maybe it’s the photos of the details, or your hands together, almost cropped out of the shot but enough where you know what that moment was. That piece of your day.


What I’m really getting at is that I don’t want to be “a style”… I’m self taught and have run thru all the styles over the past 10 years and what I realized was this. Well, a couple things.

One: No two weddings are ever the same, no two couples are ever the same and no two days are ever the same. Wedding photography and photography in general are dictated by a few things. Lightning, imagination and creation, the subjects and the emotion.

Two: Therefor, no two weddings can ever be captured in the same way or with the same style. Maybe that’s why some couples gravitate toward certain styles that they like.

That being said, for me, it’s not about a certain style. It’s about all the styles. Each and every one and using each and every one while capturing a wedding and the days story.


I don’t want to pigeon hole any wedding into a style. And hey, let’s be honest, I don’t want to pigeon hole myself into any certain style. What I do want to do is capture a day as it’s meant to be captured. From the moment I arrive and begin shooting I do so with an open mind. A wedding will dictate much of how I shoot. From being a fly on the wall with the getting ready shots, or capturing that tear rolling down your grandmothers face – But at times, coming in for that artistic or stunning image of a bride or groom. To the ceremony, where I’ve been told that I’m part ninja because couples never knew where I was or that I even got certain shots. I’m going to use off camera lighting for the family shots and for the bridal portrait shots we’re going to have a blast…

Ct. wedding photographers Style Wedding photographer


For the photos of your newly married love and yourself, we’re going to run the full spectrum (as long as time allows)… We want to capture some formal shots because even if you say you don’t want any, I promise in 10 years you’ll wish you had some. We want to capture more artistic shots. We want to capture shots that are just moments happening. It’s these moments where I want to run the full spectrum of what should be, your wedding day captured…


And yes, at just about every wedding, as long as it’s possible and time allows, I want to create some stunning images where we set up some lighting. Maybe we do this later in the night when you need a break, or maybe it’s as the sun sets and we just want that stunning images captured. Either way, as long as you’re both “put together” (let’s face it, there have been some weddings where a groom or bride has, well, had a bit too much to drink and these shots just won’t work) we will rock out some of those creations.


Really, what I’m saying here is that I don’t want to be a certain style for your day. I want to be every style. I want to shoot the moments in a photojournalistic style. That slight touch of a hand, the tears, the love… I want to create bridal portraits with you that will be stunning, who doesn’t want to look the best they can? I want to be a photo ninja during your ceremony… And when it comes to the formal family shots, I get the director hat put on and rock them out in a quick and painless way so everyone can just get to the party. I want to rock out the bridal party shots where we’re all having a blast and get to creating the images of you and your love. Classic, artistic, edgy and timeless….. Then we rock out the reception. Additional lighting when needed, in the middle of the dance floor while everyone is partying all around, or off to the side for those intimate shots….

Your day, your day doesn’t deserve one style. Your day doesn’t deserve to be pigeon holed…. Your day deserves every moment and every piece to be captured as it’s dictated by that moment. And well…. That’s my style. To use everything I’ve learned to create with the moments as they unfold. It’s really that simple, yet not simple at all. 🙂

Ct. wedding photographers Style Wedding photographer


Karri Lee Designs

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