Barns at Wesleyan Hills Wedding

Lisa & Ed’s Barns At Wesleyan Hills Wedding!

Barns at Wesleyan hills wedding photos

This Barns At Wesleyan hills wedding for Lisa and Ed. Such a great one filled with so many awesome moments. We just won’t talk about the limo service pulling over on the highway between the NY ceremony and the reception.

So, here we are, rolling into the 2019 year and wedding season. Last night we enjoyed capturing a great wedding at St. Clements Castle in Portland, but right now, it’s this wedding.

wedding photos from barns at Wesleyan hills

Now that the editing from last year is wrapped up and we get everything else squared away. It’s time to get back to sharing weddings from throughout the year. And boy do we have lots to share.

In the past, it would be full weddings, but I think moving forward, we are going to start sharing images that bring us back to the days. The moments, the laughs, the tears.

Lisa and Ed, they chose the Barns at Wesleyan Hills for their wedding for all the right reasons. And it fit their day so perfectly. The way these two connect, their love. The way they laugh and play. They kiss, joke and you can see that the future will be bright.

Their bridal party, they were all so great and helped to not just keep the time flowing and photos rolling easy. They also kept the laughs on point. The girls all connected. The guys having a blast. Not a single peep about the photos or the photographer being lame. Obviously not, because we are awesome! hahaha Kidding kidding. (sort of)…..

Anyway, the photos from the Barns At Wesley Hills, their wedding…. How about I just share some of our favs. Like the moment right before Lisa put on her dress…. Her tears starting to roll. Her heart racing. Or maybe when she was reading the card from Ed. Her dance with her father, the way a tear ran down her cheek while they danced.

Well, how about some of their wedding photos.

Barns at Wesley hills photos
Barns at Wesley hills photos
Barns at Wesley hills photos
Barns at Wesleyan hills wedding photos
Barns at Wesley hills photos
Barns at Wesley hills photos
Barns at Wesley hills photos
Barns at Wesley hills photos
Barns at Wesley hills photos
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Set up timeline for your wedding – Do THIS ONE THING

Candlewood Inn Wedding Photos for Matt and Janet by CT Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic Lovers Leap State Park PhotosYou did it, you have reached that point where you need to set up a timeline for your wedding and you should really do this one thing. “What’s that?” Well, I may be slightly biased, but you need to talk to your photographer. And if you haven’t found a photographer yet, you can always click :: here :: to talk to us.

So now you’re thinking, what is the photographer going to do for my timeline. Well, pretty much everything. Did you know, outside of a wedding planner (wedding planners are pretty awesome, check out One Fine Day’s Site if you need a good planner in southern New England), as I was saying, outside of a wedding planner, the photographer is the only professional vendor that is with you from the beginning till the end. We see it all.

CT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERSBelieve it or not, we can help you work out your entire timetable. Working backwards from some of the most important pieces. If you’re doing a first look, if you don’t have a planner, we will know what time that needs to happen, relative to your ceremony and how large your bridal party is. Are you curious about when photos should happen thru the day, or what time you should get to your ceremony? Maybe you just want to know how early you can get into your dress that you’ve been dying to wear. (reality is, you don’t actually want to sit around in it for 2 hours before you have to)

So while it may have been a surprise, the photographer, at least one who is invested in your day will be ecstatic that they get to help you figure out the when’s and the why’s. As for things you may be worrying about, like the rain. Well, for your timeline and your day, that one is out of your control. You can and should have just a small back up plan for some of the photos (again, your photographer), but really, enjoy it. Love it! Be it! Because it’s your one day, and if you spend the day and the days leading up to it worrying about things, it just won’t be that perfect dream.

Whether you have your photographer help or your planner, this is one time in life you should set some sort of plan and timeline up. Your day deserves to be magic, and the right pro’s on your side will make sure that happens!!!

Coming in the next two months will be some greatness. A weekly roll out of 2018 weddings, forms that you can download such as, you guessed it, a timetable and checklist and more. But even more importantly, the coming months will be bringing you closer to your magical day!!!! Make the most of it because you deserve love!!!

View the love from Rachel and Steve’s Beautiful Rain Wedding

View Kasey & Ben’s Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session

To Read about Tim – Founder of TAB Photographic




Wedding day timelinewedding day timetablewedding day timeline tips and help2018-12-02_0001Lord Thompson Wedding Photos2018-05-16_00262018-05-16_0016Lord Thompson Wedding Photos


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Get Thrown Into 2019 – Groomsmen Photo Ideas

Really, get thrown into 2019 and some groomsmen photo ideas. Or in this case, just one.

While many photos you see from all of us here at TAB Photographic bring out the emotions, the soft, the romantic, the edgy, the moody. It’s not all we do. As a matter of fact, a lot of what we do is also fun. Like what you’ll see unfold in this string of images. The main goal, is one of the shots where the groom is hurled into the air! But the shots leading up to, and right after, all make it great.

One of the BIGGEST keys to this shot, which is also why it’s not always possible. The groom, nor the groomsmen can be even tipsy, let alone drunk. Not only would that make the outcome less desirable, chances of someone not being caught go up by about 25,000,000% hahaha. No, really. They do. And here you thought that % wasn’t even possible. In this case, VERY possible!

groomsmen photo TAB Photographic

You can see above, there’s definitely some hesitation from the groom. “really guys, is this a good idea???” the girls in the background still unaware of what’s about to go down. Or…. Up.

groom to be thrown into air

Okay, he’s being talked into it. The nervous laughter begins. I’m sure some of the thoughts in this grooms head, “am I really doing this, I trust these guys that much???”


throw the groom in airHe’s locked and loaded. It’s like the rollercoaster. On the way up, you know what’s coming but if you could, you would jump off the roller coaster and walk back down before being thrusted to the earth as speeds the human body shouldn’t really go. This was the groom. His arms braced around his guys. Probably trying to hold on… But then…..groom prep to be thrown groom toss

Then it starts to happen, ONE, TWO, THREEEEE!!!! And up he starts to go. the nervous smile grows, the hands relax, the feeling of weightlessness begins…..
At this moment, it’s sort of anyones guess as to what will truly happen (and yes, everyone has insurance (this is another key))…. The guys are even feeling like, “WE WILL MAKE HIM FLY!!!!” All of their might being channelled into their best friends flight.

Barns at Wesleyan hills Wedding photo with groom flyingOH! They did it! And not just a little. They threw this dude and threw him hard! And the girls behind, finally catching on to what’s happening. I remember the guys cheering, the girls sighing and the groom squealing in fear. His hands and arms windmilling, never ready to be thrown quite this high.

And the best part…..

groom being thrown into airThey did indeed catch him!!!!!

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Wedding Day Timeline & Timetable For A Stress Free Wedding

Wedding day timeline CT PhotographersYour wedding day timeline & timetable for a stress free wedding is key. Without it, your stress level will go thru the roof and everyone will be running around and while it will feel like things are getting done, time will be slipping away and your day will be over before you know it and chances are good that you never got to eat.

While I am writing about the timeline of your day from a photographers stand point, I am doing so from the one person (outside of a wedding planner if you hired one, such as :: :: ) who is part of your entire day from start to finish. Not just a few hours. In other words, we see it all.

With that being said, this isn’t going to be a post that gives you a perfect description of a wedding day timeline such as the below (which actually isn’t too bad) where everything is broken down by half hour increments. Instead it will be the straight up truth for the best photos and a stress free flow. And while you will have a general timetable such as the below, for you list makers and super A types. Remember that when you create your spread sheets that have everything down to the minute, it will be about 45 minutes into your day before everything is thrown off because here’s your reality, EVERYTHING ON YOUR WEDDING DAY WILL BE SLOWER THAN YOU THINK!


9:00 a.m.—Hair and makeup / Getting ready
9:30 a.m.—Vendors arrive / Setup starts
10:30 a.m.—Getting ready photos start
11:00 a.m.—First look and couple’s portraits
11:45 a.m.—Family pictures
12:30 p.m.—Doors open / Room ready for guests / Pre-ceremony music starts
1:00 p.m.—Invite time
1:15 p.m.—Ceremony starts
1:35 p.m.—Ceremony concludes
1:40 p.m.—Cocktail “hour” starts / Additional family photos
2:30 p.m.—Lunch starts
3:00 p.m.—Toasts
3:30 p.m.—First dance
5:00 p.m.—Cake cutting / Dessert
6:15 p.m.—Couple departs
6:30 p.m.—Guests depart
6:30 p.m.—Breakdown commences
7:30 p.m.—All vendors out

2018-12-02_0021Anyway, let’s have a couple quick pointers to help make your photos awesome and take a little stress from your day. Keep in mind, these thoughts are from us here at TAB Photographic which may not always work for other photographers because of strict timeline and set packages.

First thing first, we want to start with enough time to tell you story and getting ready photos. So if you’re not doing a first look, we will start roughly 2 hours pre-ceremeony. What we like to do is capture the final prep shots and allow us to capture some bridal party shots. The girls and guys separately before the ceremony. By doing this, we can subtract some of the rushing around that happens after the ceremony. So with no first look, our preference would be something like this. With 2:00 ceremony time.

wedding day timetablePhotographers show up at 11:30ish – Final prep shots – Bridesmaids and bride go rock out their photos – groomsmen and groom go rock out their photos then off to the ceremony everyone goes.

Then after the ceremony, family photos (parents grand parents and siblings), full bridal party shots and then photos of bride and groom. Then, THEN PARTY TIME!!!

Now, let’s step that up to one other option (and yes, we are pretty much saying there are two options here haha). Opt in for doing the first look. With a 2:00 ceremony time, we would start shooting about 3 hours pre-ceremony.

So, 2:00 ceremony. Photographers show up at 11:00. Final prep shots, first look happens at about 12:15. Then bridal party shots, shots of bride and groom and bridal portraits. This means after the ceremony it goes to family photos and YOU and YOUR PERSON get to go enjoy the cocktail hour you invested money into.

wedding day timeline tips and helpThe main goal with these two options is simple. To make it so your day is less stressful. And more so, your photos are awesome. And in a worse case scenario, a situation arises that puts the timeline way behind, we just adjust photo times so that the day can still be put back on schedule. (tho that’s a worse case scenario)

No matter what direction you go, our goal is to create a timeline around your needs in a way that will benefit your day, your love and your photos. Some things to think about with all of this and work with us on would be. Locations, getting ready to photos to ceremony. For hair and make up, have the bride finish up last (most make up and hair teams like make sure that’s how they roll ). Have key items like the rings, shoes and special jewelry put aside for the photographer to grab shots of before the day gets rolling too fast. Keep your bridal party in check. Let them know the plan with the goal being awesome photos and more party time for them. And last but not least, if you feel like something isn’t going to work or is throwing a hitch in your day, communicate that with the professional wedding vendors you brought into your day. We are here for you!

So while this was really just pointing out two simple ways to take some stress out of your day and create great photos without making that hour of time between the ceremony and reception completely crazy. There is one other option that some take advantage of. And while I won’t go into a ton of detail with that, it’s a gap between your ceremony and reception. This is actually one more way to alleviate stress and rushing around from your day.

Wedding day scheduleAgain, let’s say your ceremony is at 2. Photographers would show up at 12. Prep shots happen. Everyone heads off to the ceremony. People kiss, say their “I do’s”. Then you would have, say a 2 hour gap before the reception. In that two hours, family photos happen, all bridal party shots happen, bride and groom shots and all that. By rolling with this option you get to enjoy all of your cocktail hour. Go to one or two different locations for photos and in that time, everyone get’s to have some added fun and just relax. The two things to keep in mind with this gap is if you’re choosing to have a receiving line (figure in 6-10 seconds for every guest at the wedding) that will eat up A LOT of time and also travel time between locations. If you have a two hour gap but your church is an hour from your reception location and you do a receiving line, your two hour gap isn’t a gap at all and you’re going to be surprised that two hours magically disappeared.

EVERYTHING on your wedding day will go slower than you think (except for the day itself). Make sure you eat, enjoy the food you put time and efro

There could be so much detail put into all these scenarios but the main goal here is to just give a few thoughts and options to consider. Most importantly tho, it’s your day. And your schedule and your timeline. You need to love your day and remember it for being perfect.

To close this ramble, here’s what I will say. Work with your photographer and DJ to come up with the timeline that will fit your needs and your dream because we are here for you!



Here are some engagement session tips


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Sometimes being a dad sucks…

IMG_5249Last week I got in my car and drove away, watching her car fall into the distance and knowing I just left my daughter, crying, as she closed the door.

Leaving your child in tears, is without question, one of the hardest things you can do. Especially when you have no choice. I couldn’t stay there, I couldn’t have her within reach any longer. It was time for her to spread her wings, to grow and to thrive in this next chapter in life. So I drove away. With her in tears, while my eyes too, couldn’t hold the flood gates closed anymore. Actually, right now, just thinking about it, the goosebumps rise and the tears well up. My girl, 14 hours away, having some hard days, some good days… She’s not gone. She’s just not here.

It was a week ago today that I left her at college. Marian University where she will be a Knight. The Marian Knights cycling team is actually one of, (really the) best cycling teams in the country. And I’m so proud that of her, and so happy for her, that she gets to be part of that success. The girl moves on and will now do her thing.

That’s also why there haven’t been many posts here. My time, while not shooting has been revolving around her and her needs. Making sure all the needs were met, making sure we got our time in before she was off doing her thing. All the while.

There have have been shoots and editing and business creating and branding. It’s just been on the down-low while this new chapter begins.

Like the engagement session for Meg and Chris.

These two are great and we did a mini session as the storms were rolling in and the humidity was like 10029209%!!


Or the wedding for Kira and Adam at The Barns of Wesleyan Hills.

Wedding photos for Kira and adam from the Barns At wesleyan hills by TAB Photographic

The engagement session also happened for Brittany & Houston!


And the wedding for Emily and Tony!

CT Wedding Photographers Riverview Simsbury Photos

Or maybe the engagement session for Lisa & Ed!


Or maybe the wedding for Dan and Elizabeth


Really, there’s even more, I am still alive and the new rebranding and business direction will be coming to you soon! In the mean time, we keep plugging forward and making awesome happen!!!

For now though, let’s keep enjoying summer lovin’ and making awesome happen!

And if you need more reading, picture viewing and the likes. Check out these….

A Beach Engagement Session for Kasey and Ben..

Or the Lord Thompson Manor Wedding for Rachel & Steve…

Or maybe the wedding for Sarah & Bert

Now go get outside and enjoy this weather before 10 degree winter days get here!!!!

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Kasey and Ben In Ice Cream Love – The Misquamicut Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session

What happens when a boy sees a girl getting ice cream??? Well, he gets ice cream. And then he’s waiting for his ice cream and she goes and gets on the carousel. He forgets all about his ice cream and runs to also….. Get on the carousel. They were both 8 years old, families vacationing on the beach and as the kids do, they spend their days at the arcade, with the ice cream and riding the carousel. For the next 10 years or so, they would write each other, talk their families into doing the same vacation every summer so they could again, meet up, chase each other around and realize the world would be perfect if they could just run away and forever be in love……

Okay okay, maybe it didn’t go quite like that. Let’s start here.

Ben: Cool dude wearing his sunglasses and willing to just have fun and let go.

Kasey: Calm and collective and plays it cool (in order to keep up with Ben and his sunnies)…

As Kasey says, the reality isn’t that easy… “This day in age it’s easy to be jaded and feel like ‘THE ONE’ is an outdated idea. In a time where you have endless dating opportunities at the touch of a finger to a cell phone screen it seems less and less likely that you might want to settle down. Neither Ben or I was looking for a relationship but it FOUND US.” 

Things really got going in 2011 “Ben came to Summit Studios to take a few guitar lessons to get him ready for an audition at Berklee College of Music .
Our interactions were all business as he had tunnel vision toward his career as a musician and I was in a relationship at the time.
We exchanged pleasantries and I helped him arrange his lessons with one of our fantastic guitar instructors who ended up suggesting
that Ben consider going to LA to enroll in the Musicians Institute. Ben’s path then took him out West where he spent time in Hollywood
honing his craft while I went about my life holding down the fort at the music studio.” Fast forward and Ben would come back from the west coast and he in turn would begin his career as an instructor at Summit Studios!!!!! Put these two together, happily in their lives as single individuals, it was this connection and this love that would bring them so much more joy!!!

Since we took the plunge almost 5 years ago we’ve discovered so much about the importance of communication and that has become one of the strongest elements of our relationship.
We treat one another with kindness, respect and exercise honesty always. Our highlight reel of adventures over the past 5 years includes road tripping to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland (neither of us had been to the hall of fame- I cried my eyes out it was such an amazing experience– ALL of those incredible musicians you’ve been listening to your whole life in one spot- it was a thing of beauty!!), climbing Mount Washington (Ben skateboards, I run- we decided to split the difference and try hiking together– did a bunch of hikes last summer leading up to the big one- Mt Washington! We cheered each other up the whole way- it was unseasonably warm and we got a clear view from the top! Sky’s the limit!) , road tripping from Vegas (where we saw the Beatle’s Cirque show ‘Love’) to LA to see Ben’s school stomping grounds and check out the Comedy Store (we both LOVE comedy), cruising to Mexico (with both sides of our family who we’ve brought together), seeing the Chili Peppers 5th row at Madison Square Garden (a band we’ve both loved all our lives– when we first started dating Ben burned me two old school cds with B sides from all RHCP’s albums and four years later we got to see them together- magic!) — and now we are Auntie and Uncle to our first niece who we get to take care of during the week before work at the studio!

At the end of the day- we are two happy people who were ok alone but so much better together. In this big, crazy and wild world (#catstevens) it’s nice to have someone that feels like home. That’s how Ben feels to me and one of many reasons I feel so thankful that our paths crossed for a second time and the universe intervened.

Ps. Our favorite foods are pizza (my fave in 5th grade- hasn’t changed!! lol) and tacos. Classic.”

So that’s them, that’s this. This love of theirs which was also part of this awesome engagement session. And the crazy part, Kasey didn’t even want to do an engagement session when we first began talking about this. And now, now I hope she’s glad they did. I know I am!!!

SIDE NOTE: Their small intimate wedding is going to be next door to Taylor Swift’s home. So I’m planning on having her come as my guest. Who can help make this happen??? 



Engagement Photos Watch Hill RI Ideas Inspiration

Engagement Photos Watch Hill RI Ideas Inspiration


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