Meet Tim…

I thought for a while about what to write here and well, I realized something. The photographs I produce should really tell it all. My work should tell what kind of photographer I am and just what it means to me. Sure, I could tell you how I got back into photography when my father passed away (he too was a photographer), I could talk about how I don't hide the fact that I love what I do and I know how truly lucky I am. I could talk about our dogs, my kids or many other things, but all that stuff, that's more fun to talk about over a drink or a DRINK... haha. (Oh, I crack myself up a lot too)

Approaching weddings with a storytellers philosophy. Understanding that the last image of the day may be just as important as the first. I know for sure that you will love all of your photos for the rest of your lives and their value to you will far exceed any amount of investment. For these reasons I don't believe in running the business as many photographers do, no set packages, no limit on photos taken and well, instead simply working with you to create a whole lotta' awesome!

From there, everything is done by me, from the first e-mail to the last blog post, from creating your thank you cards to sending off your wonderful package of love. I'm inspired by every one of my couples, and strive to create images that reflect who my clients are as individuals as well as together.

If you want awesome, if you want fun, if you want a photographer for your day you can truly trust to not only create beautiful timeless images but also help guide you thru your day when needed, I'm hoping that can be me... As always...... Shine on...

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The Studio

Located in the sweet historic little town of Collinsville, Connecticit, the TAB Photographic studio nestles itself into the old factory in town along the Farmington River. After a good amount of work, the space went from a storage unit to a 1200 sf. space that still holds its history but also creates an energy that is so fantastic to work in. And with whiskey & wine or coffee & water, it's a great place to hang out. Whether that's to chat about your wedding days photography needs or to just escape the outside world. 

Anyway, from the office space to shooting space to hang out space, all are always welcome. And when you're ready to depart, you can easily find yourself walking the trail along the river, swinging into one of the towns restaurants / pubs or perusing the awesome antique shop right next door (it's two floors of crazy awesome!!!)... The reality, once you've been here, you'll dream of our town and want to come back and hang out more and more often.....

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