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Being a wedding photographer – Photos, life and more.

Being a wedding photographer is, well, not the party that everyone believes it is. It’s not bad by any means. Some just believe that there’s this rockstar status. And in all honesty, it’s not. At least not for the busy ones.

Reality is this. We live in front of our computers editing, even when we watch a movie, generally, it’s with our computers open. Editing, e-mails, scheduling, more editing. Early mornings turn into late evenings. And the most important thing we do…. Our work. What it comes down to is weddings every weekend, editing all week. That’s our life, at least this time of year.

That brings me to this question, why don’t I have new weddings being posted on the site. And here’s my reality, or should I say truth. When it comes to posting new weddings and the photos and stories from these weddings, while the couples and their photos are important, my website is maybe not the most important. Editing, the weddings and engagement sessions we are rocking out and getting everything out to couples. That’s what the important parts of this season are.

With that though, I figured we could share some of what we have been up to. Just to let the world know we are alive. So with that. Some photos of recent weddings……


CT NYC BOSTON wedding photographers TAB Photographic

CT NYC BOSTON wedding photographers TAB Photographic

CT NYC BOSTON wedding photographers TAB Photographic

CT NYC BOSTON wedding photographers TAB Photographic

CT NYC BOSTON wedding photographers TAB Photographic

CT NYC BOSTON wedding photographers TAB Photographic

CT NYC BOSTON wedding photographers TAB Photographic

CT NYC BOSTON wedding photographers TAB Photographic

CT NYC BOSTON wedding photographers TAB Photographic

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Sometimes being a dad sucks…

IMG_5249Last week I got in my car and drove away, watching her car fall into the distance and knowing I just left my daughter, crying, as she closed the door.

Leaving your child in tears, is without question, one of the hardest things you can do. Especially when you have no choice. I couldn’t stay there, I couldn’t have her within reach any longer. It was time for her to spread her wings, to grow and to thrive in this next chapter in life. So I drove away. With her in tears, while my eyes too, couldn’t hold the flood gates closed anymore. Actually, right now, just thinking about it, the goosebumps rise and the tears well up. My girl, 14 hours away, having some hard days, some good days… She’s not gone. She’s just not here.

It was a week ago today that I left her at college. Marian University where she will be a Knight. The Marian Knights cycling team is actually one of, (really the) best cycling teams in the country. And I’m so proud that of her, and so happy for her, that she gets to be part of that success. The girl moves on and will now do her thing.

That’s also why there haven’t been many posts here. My time, while not shooting has been revolving around her and her needs. Making sure all the needs were met, making sure we got our time in before she was off doing her thing. All the while.

There have have been shoots and editing and business creating and branding. It’s just been on the down-low while this new chapter begins.

Like the engagement session for Meg and Chris.

These two are great and we did a mini session as the storms were rolling in and the humidity was like 10029209%!!


Or the wedding for Kira and Adam at The Barns of Wesleyan Hills.

Wedding photos for Kira and adam from the Barns At wesleyan hills by TAB Photographic

The engagement session also happened for Brittany & Houston!


And the wedding for Emily and Tony!

CT Wedding Photographers Riverview Simsbury Photos

Or maybe the engagement session for Lisa & Ed!


Or maybe the wedding for Dan and Elizabeth


Really, there’s even more, I am still alive and the new rebranding and business direction will be coming to you soon! In the mean time, we keep plugging forward and making awesome happen!!!

For now though, let’s keep enjoying summer lovin’ and making awesome happen!

And if you need more reading, picture viewing and the likes. Check out these….

A Beach Engagement Session for Kasey and Ben..

Or the Lord Thompson Manor Wedding for Rachel & Steve…

Or maybe the wedding for Sarah & Bert

Now go get outside and enjoy this weather before 10 degree winter days get here!!!!

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Kasey and Ben In Ice Cream Love – The Misquamicut Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session

What happens when a boy sees a girl getting ice cream??? Well, he gets ice cream. And then he’s waiting for his ice cream and she goes and gets on the carousel. He forgets all about his ice cream and runs to also….. Get on the carousel. They were both 8 years old, families vacationing on the beach and as the kids do, they spend their days at the arcade, with the ice cream and riding the carousel. For the next 10 years or so, they would write each other, talk their families into doing the same vacation every summer so they could again, meet up, chase each other around and realize the world would be perfect if they could just run away and forever be in love……

Okay okay, maybe it didn’t go quite like that. Let’s start here.

Ben: Cool dude wearing his sunglasses and willing to just have fun and let go.

Kasey: Calm and collective and plays it cool (in order to keep up with Ben and his sunnies)…

As Kasey says, the reality isn’t that easy… “This day in age it’s easy to be jaded and feel like ‘THE ONE’ is an outdated idea. In a time where you have endless dating opportunities at the touch of a finger to a cell phone screen it seems less and less likely that you might want to settle down. Neither Ben or I was looking for a relationship but it FOUND US.” 

Things really got going in 2011 “Ben came to Summit Studios to take a few guitar lessons to get him ready for an audition at Berklee College of Music .
Our interactions were all business as he had tunnel vision toward his career as a musician and I was in a relationship at the time.
We exchanged pleasantries and I helped him arrange his lessons with one of our fantastic guitar instructors who ended up suggesting
that Ben consider going to LA to enroll in the Musicians Institute. Ben’s path then took him out West where he spent time in Hollywood
honing his craft while I went about my life holding down the fort at the music studio.” Fast forward and Ben would come back from the west coast and he in turn would begin his career as an instructor at Summit Studios!!!!! Put these two together, happily in their lives as single individuals, it was this connection and this love that would bring them so much more joy!!!

Since we took the plunge almost 5 years ago we’ve discovered so much about the importance of communication and that has become one of the strongest elements of our relationship.
We treat one another with kindness, respect and exercise honesty always. Our highlight reel of adventures over the past 5 years includes road tripping to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland (neither of us had been to the hall of fame- I cried my eyes out it was such an amazing experience– ALL of those incredible musicians you’ve been listening to your whole life in one spot- it was a thing of beauty!!), climbing Mount Washington (Ben skateboards, I run- we decided to split the difference and try hiking together– did a bunch of hikes last summer leading up to the big one- Mt Washington! We cheered each other up the whole way- it was unseasonably warm and we got a clear view from the top! Sky’s the limit!) , road tripping from Vegas (where we saw the Beatle’s Cirque show ‘Love’) to LA to see Ben’s school stomping grounds and check out the Comedy Store (we both LOVE comedy), cruising to Mexico (with both sides of our family who we’ve brought together), seeing the Chili Peppers 5th row at Madison Square Garden (a band we’ve both loved all our lives– when we first started dating Ben burned me two old school cds with B sides from all RHCP’s albums and four years later we got to see them together- magic!) — and now we are Auntie and Uncle to our first niece who we get to take care of during the week before work at the studio!

At the end of the day- we are two happy people who were ok alone but so much better together. In this big, crazy and wild world (#catstevens) it’s nice to have someone that feels like home. That’s how Ben feels to me and one of many reasons I feel so thankful that our paths crossed for a second time and the universe intervened.

Ps. Our favorite foods are pizza (my fave in 5th grade- hasn’t changed!! lol) and tacos. Classic.”

So that’s them, that’s this. This love of theirs which was also part of this awesome engagement session. And the crazy part, Kasey didn’t even want to do an engagement session when we first began talking about this. And now, now I hope she’s glad they did. I know I am!!!

SIDE NOTE: Their small intimate wedding is going to be next door to Taylor Swift’s home. So I’m planning on having her come as my guest. Who can help make this happen??? 



Engagement Photos Watch Hill RI Ideas Inspiration

Engagement Photos Watch Hill RI Ideas Inspiration


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The Watch Hill RI Engagement Session for Elaine and Nick!

2018-06-26_0013The day, warm, sunny with a light breeze off the ocean…. The horseshoe crabs getting their groove on along the shore of the bay and Elaine and Nick were all smiles and love.

2018-06-26_0003Watch Hill is a place that really means something to them, so when we started talking locations, it just seemed like a great fit. Plus, after the shoot it meant that I could go and chill with my good friend Taylor Swift, with wine on her patio overlooking the Atlantic. ( just sucks she wasn’t home… ) Anyway, we strolled along the bay side, then up and over the dunes to the ocean. Greeted by the waves rolling in and a perfect breeze. The main goal, create some fun images, share some love and have a good time. I believe that was accomplished across the board. (we just won’t talk about Nick getting all teary eye’d. He tried blaming it on the sun, I think he’s just that in love with Elaine that he couldn’t hold back)…

Anyway, the day was great, the session went great, the weather was great and their wedding day, will be… Without a doubt. Great! So next May, a little under a year away, at the Candlewood Inn, these two will be saying their I do’s, dancing their first dances, and starting their next chapter! For now though. Their love…….


Watch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session Ideas

Watch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session IdeasWatch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session IdeasWatch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session IdeasWatch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session IdeasWatch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session IdeasWatch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session IdeasWatch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session IdeasWatch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session IdeasWatch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session IdeasWatch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session IdeasWatch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session IdeasWatch Hill Rhode Island Beach Engagement Session Ideas



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Rachel & Steve And Their Lord Thompson Manor – Thompson, CT. Wedding Photography

Lord Thompson Manor Wedding PhotosSo this one time, well, this past weekend to be exact, there was a wedding at what I believe is one of the very best venues in the state. The Lord Thompson Manor. It’s a place where the staff is so great, every single piece of the property is always… Well??? It’s just always perfect. Gosh. And the food… Gosh. I’ll be totally honest, it’s one of the few venues I will actually eat at. All I’m saying is that Lord Thompson Manor and any couple who is lucky enough to have their wedding day there, they made the right choice.

Lord Thompson Manor Wedding PhotosSpeaking of couples, enter Rachel and Steve. Rachel and Steve are one of those couples. One of the ones that some could be jealous of. They’ve been together since pre-school where they first kissed. haha. Okay, maybe it was actually high school when they started talking. I knew from the engagement session that they loved each other. What I learned on their wedding day was that they are even more than that. They know each other’s thoughts. I’m not kidding. They seriously do. On more than one occasion on their wedding day, one or the other would know what the other needed or was thinking. And to top that, they had each others backs with those thoughts. They know what’s important, and it’s the love, and their family. While it may have rained on their day, and I mean…. It rained. It didn’t let up. Like ever. And while it did carry some sad thoughts with it, the reality is that for these guys, it didn’t matter. It wasn’t about the rain, or the weather at all. It was about their perfectly choreographed day. It was about their intimate wedding with only those that are closest to them. And it was… About…. Their love………..

Lord Thompson Manor Wedding PhotosThe moment where all Rachel’s girls got to see her for the first time in her gown… And I can recall the moments when they read each other their vows after that other moment where Rachel and Steve saw each other for the first time. No one else there, just the two of them reading their words, their thoughts and their love. They would repeat them at their ceremony, but the things is, in this moment. When it’s just the two of them. The tears rolled from their eyes, Rachel twisting her hair as Steve shared those words that are just theirs. So many moments from their day. Every moment from their day. All the freakin’ moments – right to the party where the dance floor was filled… It was their day and they started their next chapter that was 10 years in the making…. So with all that and so much more.

Cheers to their love and hey, Rachel & Steve. Thank you so much for inviting TAB into your day!!!!




Lord Thompson Manor Wedding Photos2018-05-16_00022018-05-16_00032018-05-16_00042018-05-16_0005


Lord Thompson Wedding Photos

Lord Thompson Wedding PhotosLord Thompson Wedding PhotosLord Thompson Wedding Photos2018-05-16_00142018-05-16_0014Lord Thompson Wedding PhotographyLord Thompson Manor Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos from Lord Thompson ManorLord Thompson Manor Wedding Photos2018-05-16_0029


Lord Thompson Manor Reviews2018-05-16_0023Rainy Wedding Photos at Lord Thompson ManorLord Thompson Wedding PhotosLord Thompson Wedding Photos2018-05-16_00202018-05-16_00252018-05-16_0024


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The Normal Questions and Who I Am…. Questions you should ask your wedding photographer

Questions to ask your wedding photographerIt’s really quite easy to hide behind all the posts, all the weddings, the love, our TAB Photographic couples and more. Hide no more though! This is me!!! haha. This post really is going to be multi faceted. Partially, answers to some general questions you should ask your wedding photographer, and partially (a very small part), who I am. Reality is, you should know your wedding photographer just as much as you know their work….

Where do I begin with a post like this, I really just want to post the next wedding, and then the wedding after that… Questions, that’s where I will start. Then it’s not about me. Who really like talking about themselves? Well, narcissists to, but that’s surely not me, this I know for fact.

Sooooo, questions… Let’s do this! (some are definitely more important than others…)

Questions to ask your CT wedding photographersQuestion 1: Availability…. Are you available and will you be the one photographing my wedding. That’s a question I will answer in my first response, always. One thing I know for sure is that I will. If I’m not available, we can chat about a lead photographer capturing your day as well. 1a: How many weddings will you work that weekend, it’s usually 1 or 2. I used to capture more per weekend but I really want to put all my energy into making each wedding the best, and I realized that more than 2, quality can sometimes slip a little. And we don’t want that!

Question 2: Background Check – I’m not an axe murdered, so you’re all good. Really though, it’s the photography background. How many weddings have you shot and how long have you been doing this. Well, I’ve been photographing weddings for 11 years now and each year I am lucky enough to be invited into roughly 40-45 weddings each year. Tip: You want to make sure your photographer knows more than just how to photograph but also how a wedding rolls along. As a photographer, we, along with your DJ and if you hire one, your planner, make sure that your wedding goes off as perfectly as possible and we all work together to help make your day magic.

What do I ask my wedding vendor photographersQuestion 3: Are you insured? Yes, yes and YES. Any photographer or business owner who’s not insured should be nowhere near a wedding. That may sound harsh but it’s true. 

Question 4: Style? While you will hear some photographers talk about “photojournalistic” “natural light photographer” “formal photographer” etc… I don’t believe you can honestly capture a wedding in just one style. For me, I want to encompass every aspect of every style. Some pieces of the day need to be captured in a photojournalistic way, some other pieces artistically and yes, some photos need to be captured in a formal way. The reality is, your day deserves the style that it calls for in that moment and from that single moment onto the next, because that’s what your day is and will be. One moment after the other…. Your love. Your family. Your Future.

Hammonasset Engagement Session Photos Madison, CT Wedding Photographers TAB PhotographicQuestion 5: Logistical Stuff (I wanted to use a different word, but I didn’t) When will we receive the contract? Everything I now do is digitally worked up, from invoices to contracts to questionnaires. So once we work up your wedding day questionnaire, I get the contract put together and zapped over your way for initials and signatures. How much of a deposit do you require? There are two ways to cover the financial side. 1: a 25-30% deposit with the remaining due 3-4 weeks pre-wedding day or there’s a small discount if the entire balance is paid in full with the contract signing. Do you accept payments in installations? You can always pay everything earlier if you want, just give me a heads up so I can make sure everything is noted properly. What is your refund or cancellation policy? That’s in the contract, but if you do cancel for some reason, if it’s more than 60 days out, you will receive your deposit when I book your day with another wedding. If it’s with in 60 days, there is no credit back. Do you carry backup equipment? Always. Backup equipment is key, whether something malfunctions or I drop it. Better have another way to make sure I do what needs to be done!

Candlewood Inn Wedding Photos for Matt and Janet by CT Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic www.tabphotographic.comQuestion 6: How and when will I receive my photos. I always work around 4-6 week timetable. So all of your edited photos will be online in their private gallery in 4-6 weeks. (though I actually aim to have it done much sooner). From there your USB is ordered, once it arrives I load them up and send them your way. When I send a link to the gallery, I will also send links to download your photos instantly as well. However for printing, I would wait for the USB as quality will be slightly crisper. 

Question 7: Will you edit my photos? Totally, nothing leaves my hands until it’s ready for the world Simple as that. And once you receive the above mentioned USB, you get to print any photo you want or share in any way you want. No water marks, full resolution. They’re your images and they shouldn’t be held ransom. 

Question 8: Is this all you do? Actually yes, even more so than many other photographers. Lots of other photographers either have photography as a part time gig or they photograph as many different things as they can. And those options are all good. For me though, I actually photograph weddings and weddings alone. Engagement sessions are part of that and while I do some family portrait and other portrait work, it’s for my clients only. So if a past couple wants to have a family session, I hope they invite me to also capture that. But if a random family contacts me, I refer them in another direction. 

CT wedding photographers questions to askQuestion 9: Can I give you a shot list? You can, for sure. Especially when it comes to people who are special to you, god parents who are very close to you, high school or college friend shot. Or something unique like a grandmothers watch or something special. Those are some things I wouldn’t know coming into your day. The reality for everything else, while you can totally share a list with me, I ask that you keep in mind why you hired me or the photographer you hired. Because you like their work and who they are as an individual. My reality is that we will follow any shot list but I want to create shots that are unique to you. So if that means you like a certain shot on Pinterest, totally share away, but I want to work your own unique shot off of it. You deserve special. 

Question 10: Do you have anything else to share as a wedding photographer? Quite simply, I love what I do and moving forward, my goal is to capture weddings for the couples that want to showcase their love, their day and their story. Every bride, groom and couple deserves to have their day highlighted and captured as their story. For their day. Beyond that, we can move forward into a little about me, so you know what you’re getting into. haha. 



21543794_10155633361343665_1979311741668460519_oNow onto what you really want to know (I actually hope that isn’t a true statement), who am I… As I said above, who really wants to talk about themselves??? Definitely not me. I guess though, you should know more about who I am. One of the keys to your days photography isn’t just someone who knows what they’re doing with the camera, but also someone who you want as part of your day. That being said, I’m sarcastic and want to enjoy your day just as much as you do. It’s rare that this seems like work to me, it’s a passion, it’s fun and it’s always new. And for 2018 and beyond, my goal is to continue on with that passion and working with couples who truly believe their day should be special. I’ve been told more times than I can count that I should charge much more than I do. The reality is, while I need to make a living and support my kids, I want to do what I do for couples that will appreciate me and in turn, their photos. And kids, yes, I have kids. 7 of them to be exact!!!

12697402_10153921627538665_6177188626053437176_oHAH! Okay, I don’t have 7 of them. I do have three. Two of them humans, one of them furry. I started early in life so I’m lucky enough to be on the younger side with the ability to still do so many awesome things with them. Though it seems as if this fall, will have me in this home with just the furry one still under the roof… What will I do!?!?! Other than being their father, I’m a cyclist, adventurer, and lover of life. Traveling in the RV that I recently purchased when ever I’m not out on the wedding scene. My daughter races on a National BMX team and I to race. I’m a whiskey enthusiast (last year I think about 25 of the bottles I have came from my couples. haha) and I would rather enjoy my porch as the sun goes down than the bar. Right now, I’m going to stop because really, this whole about me thing, well, I thought it would be cool, instead it sounds like I’m on a dating site. And while I want you to like me, that’s definitely not why we’re here. haha… So instead, let me just say that I want you and your bridal party / family to have just as good of a day as you, I don’t want to drag out the photos but instead use our time the best way we can. And the truth of the matter, more than the best photos the world could ask for, more than the best photographer you can have in your day, if there’s one thing I truly wish, from the depths of me, is that you and your partner, your lover and your best friend have the kind of love as Roo Panes talks about in the song above.

Well I’ve been everywhere, but I’ve been nowhere,
It was all viridian in vermillion blood.
There was a void before me; it was as deep as truth,
Because all the world couldn’t hide the view of you.

Stay with me! Oh stay with me; you’re right where you are supposed to be!
Stay with me! Oh stay with me; you’re right where you are supposed to be!

You’re my Eldorado; you’re my holy grail,
I found my treasure through the rain and hail,
Knowing I was taller when upon my knees,
Knowing you’d back to me if I just said please! Please! Please!

Stay with me! Oh stay with me; you’re right where you are supposed to be!

Oh you take me back to the morning light,
You take me back to the morning light,
The very moment that I found my sight,
You’re forever by my side.
You take me back to the morning light,
You take me back to the morning light,
The very moment that I found my sight,
I’m forever by your side.

So let’s just do this and make it awesome. (side note, I say awesome way too much)





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