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The Byrne Family – Essex, Ct. Family Session – TAB Photographic

2015-05-25_0003One thing I totally love about being a families photographer is growing up with their kids. Like this family. I am lucky to capture these guys, normally twice a year. And I’ve watched this little dude grow up into the little man he is right now. His “cheese face” and his slowly growing comfort with adventuring a little further away from mom and dad but still completely enjoys being wrapped up in love by his mom and dad.

Really though, to see their love – watch the quick slideshow / movie and check out the photos and don’t forget, you can always leave some love for them down below in the comments section.



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Simsbury Ct. Hopmeadown Country Club Wedding for Jesse & Leigh by TAB Photographic


Hop meadow Country Club Wedding Simsbury Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB photographic - www.tabphotographic.comSo what do you do when a good friend and event / wedding planner contacts you to shoot a wedding, you obviously step up and do what ever it takes to make it not only happen, but to make it awesome. Add to that, the couple from California, Jesse and Leigh! Super laid back and simply in love.  And this awesome couple, they knew they could trust the pro’s that they were bringing into their day and they know that the planning was in good hands with Jennifer. “Planning was easy with Jennifer Lynn Events! The hardest part was being across the country and not being able to see it come together and visualize the wedding design. Jennifer Lynn did an amazing job.”

Hop meadow Country Club Wedding Simsbury Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB photographic - www.tabphotographic.comThe day was a beautiful one for sure. The sun bright, the sky blue… Nerves, in all honestly they were there. “Jesse was very nervous and concerned he would mess up his vows being as emotional as he was.” But we also made sure to create that special moment for just the two of them. Where they could be alone before the ceremony and do a first look. And it was this moment, that feeling and anticipation that they “remember the most and will never forget”. This was definitely key and relieved a lot of tension and created some awesome time for photos. That way, when the time came for these two, when the most important to them pieces of the day came around. Everything would be perfect with less stress and anxiety. And it totally went perfect because their most special piece of the day – “the vows were by far the most important along with the hand fasting ceremony. This gave us the opportunity to incorporate the memory and spirits of our late son and Jesse’s mother. The ceremony was very personal and special to us.” – went on without a single mishap. As did the rest of the day.

2015-05-18_0033Minutes and hours passed and before they knew it, the day was over. Looking back if there was anything they could change, there actually was. I believe it’s much like many weddings… “The day went by so fast. The only thing we would change is to have more time to enjoy with the guests. There aren’t enough hours in the day.” That’s the thing with weddings, and that’s why you invite the right pro’s that do this every weekend into your day. So we can capture the pieces you don’t have time to. And for Leigh and Jess, I hope I did that so they can relive their dreams for many many years down the road.

For now though, what to do after the wedding… “make babies!” (and yes, that’s what they actually said haha)

Enjoy the photos below, the slideshow and more. And if you really love these two, leave a comment of love down below. – capturing weddings across the country and around the world

Wedding Venue: Hopemeadow Country Club

Ct. Wedding Photographers: TAB Photographic

Wedding DJ: ICDJ

Hair & Make Up: Teazd Salon Avon Ct. 

Dress: Stella York

Florist: Sharon Elizabeth’s

First Dance: The Limousines – “The Last Dance”

Cake: A Little Something Bakery

Paper Goods: The Paper Lab

Ct. Wedding Planner: Jennifer Lynn Events






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The Collinsville, Ct. Engagement Session for Shelley and Rick’s soon to be Fox Hill Inn Wedding

What happens when you have this guy who’s a Dallas Cowboys fan and this girl who is a die hard New York Giants fan??? Well, other than a household that can get pretty loud and rowdy during certain NFL games, you also get love that is meant to be. And that just happens to be the love that Shelley and Rick share.

Fox Hill Inn TAB Photographic Wedding Photographers

Fox Hill Inn TAB Photographic Wedding Photographers www.tabphotographic.comWhile they do have different teams that they follow and bet thousands on (Okay, I may have made the betting part up), they share so many great pieces of life that come together perfectly. Even though they do both stay silent as they drive by the local Newtown ice cream shop. Rick staring as they drive by and Shelley wishing he would just freakin’ stop already. Right down to the mint chocolate chip which the both love and call their fav…

The thing is, life brought these two together in a special way. A way that built a bond that only the two of them truly know and understand. Through this bond and friendship they grew closer.And believe it or not, they grew closer playing Super Mario Brothers, realizing that they would rather be playing with their little Italian plumber friends than going out to bars. Take all that, put it together and you get what is this crazy awesome love. Rick, super laid back, Shelley, well… Not so laid back. It’s really a perfect compliment though. And while we were wondering around Collinsville, it became apparent at just how great their love does indeed, compliment itself.

Fox Hill Inn TAB Photographic Wedding Photographers www.tabphotographic.comThe two, the constant glances back and forth, the understanding that they both have for each other and this connection that has come into their lives together. Laughing at each other, with each other and just having a good time as a whole. And now I can’t wait for their wedding, a day at Fox Hill Inn that will be surrounded by family. Friends, And so much incredible love for them to absorb and enjoy. And then…. Then they get to spend that honeymoon time together, feeling all the things in this universe that brought them together and brought them to this new forever…..

For now, if you want to be kept up to date you can subscribe below, leave a comment for these two and their love using the below comment button and more. Most of all… Enjoy their love.
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Some Mystic Ct. Love Engagement Session

French Bull Dog Engagement Session Tips Mystic Ct. What do you get when you take two individuals whom have known each other for more than half their life? When you take a young girl who wanted to be a hair dresser and a boy who wanted to be a pet store owner? And now, two adults that like to watch scary shows on Sunday nights naked… Oh wait, maybe it was that they enjoy watching naked and afraid? Well, anyway….. When you combine all those things, you get these two… Denise and Michael, Michael and Denise…

Beautiful Engagement Session Tips TAB PhotographicThey’re pretty awesome really. They crack up, yet stay serious. He’ll eat flowers off a tree if she joking asks him to. And she’ll laugh by his side the entire time. And that, right there is. Key… They laugh with each other. While they don’t fully agree on exactly how they met, it goes something like meeting in high school. And to be exact, or at least as exact as two stories that don’t full line up can go… “Weirdly enough, we both have different versions of exactly when and where we met, but it was undoubtedly during high school. We had a mutual friend and started hanging out in the same group. We have been friends for a long time and stayed in touch throughout high school, college and beyond, but did not start dating until much later. In 2010 we both happened to be single at the same time and I guess the rest is history.” And history it is, because now, in the near future, we have their wedding day.

French Bull Dog Portrait TAB Photographic Muddy Paw StudiosThis post though, this was our fun engagement session enjoying some of Mystic. Which also happens to be where their wedding will be going down. Seriously, it will be a great one! And Mystic seems to be the place this year as I have a solid handful of awesomeness going down there this year. Even one this coming Saturday at the Mystic Arts Center!

Anyway… Back to these two. This guy Mike you is Denise’s Romeo… Making it clear how he felt for her with all his heart and stepped up to make sure she knew when he asked her to become his wife. “We went for a hike with Zoey at a place we have frequented since high school. While I was coaxing Zoey across a small stream Mike got down on one knee. He said my name and I turned around to find him on bended knee with my engagement ring. He asked if I would marry him. I was totally shocked but it only took me a moment to excitedly answer yes.” Did you catch that? She said YES!!! Well, obviously or I probably wouldn’t be here writing about it. haha. But never the less, she said yes. And now They will continue on with that love and their coming wedding.

Till then, and every day beyond, they will continue to love and grow with each other knowing that both their moms are shining down on them, proud to see the husband and wife that they are meant to be.

And while you’re here, feel free to share some love for these two in the comments area below!!!

And a full post about tips best possible engagement session can be seen here or you can learn more about who I am as a photographer here. 







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Adventures and Discovery – Project Coasting






blog3Why is it… That so many people in this world, even more so here in the U.S., want to go on vacation and to travel to get away from “something”… I’ll be totally honest here. That’s the most completely wrong way to travel. To get away…. BUT… It’s not easy for us to go for the right reasons. To travel, to explore and to go on adventures to find things. To see things and to feel things. To smell things and to taste things…

blog6I guess the real question is simple to ask yet not simple to find an answer to.  How are we able to let go of what we want to run from, in order to discover what we should be running to? And well, you, YES YOU are the only one that can answer that question. The hardest part though, is realizing that you need to ask yourself that question in the first place. When you have the ability to stop running from, but instead run to.

Recently, I began a new project, capturing the entire US coast of the Atlantic Ocean. From there, maybe I will wrap my way around the country. But starting here is home. To discover what the shoreline changes from and morphs into from Northern Maine to the Florida Keys. While I have already begun this project, this is the first post I’m sharing. And well, I guess the reality for what is shared are only pieces and parts. Because the best shots, my favorites. The ones with that dramatic sky, the perfect light, the most serene and or secret of locations are being kept under wraps until they are released in only the most grand of ways.

blog7These teasing images are from a recent adventure into Maine. Where the wind blows cold and the waves bring full trees of drift wood ashore. In Acadia, the rocks. The waves. The smell of pine. The cracked shoreline. The rocks broken so deep, yet solid. The waves sneak up on those rocks and the shoreline of cliffs and pine. Then exploding. Hit after hit, yet the shoreline standing strong. The cliffs below, the cliffs able. The old pines, reminding me of old men, standing guard over some of the most pristine lands on the east coast. The most beautiful, the most serene with some of the oldest stories of any shoreline……




Hemingway quotes Acadia Maine Adventure Travel


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The Riverview Wedding for Lauren and Nemer’s Ct. Wedding day By TAB Photographic

 Both Nemer and Lauren went hiking together at Haystack Memorial Tower (where we got engaged) and said “i love you” at the top of the tower a few years prior. Nemer said it first.

Collinsville Simsbury Ct. Riverview Weddings Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic - www.tabphotographic.comWhen I first met Lauren and Nemer, I could tell they weren’t 100% sure what to do or ask. Which I love. Honestly, when I meet with a couple I don’t want them to be  pro at finding photographer. I want a couple to come my way to learn and build a relationship with. To guide my couples thru an exciting process and work with them to create images that are all theirs. And when Lauren and Nemer met up, they of course knew the first thing they wanted. Good photos… In their words and thoughts about finding a photographer for their day “the pictures of course. we looked through dozens of profiles and searched for the style we liked. we wanted a balance between traditional photos and something a bit more edgy without being too crazy. and of course, you had to be a nice guy when we met, not a total weirdo…” I guess I passed. haha

Collinsville Simsbury Ct. Riverview Weddings Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic - www.tabphotographic.comSo meeting this couple, Nemer and Lauren… This is what it’s all about. Friends… Being that friend for each other. Hanging out, then starting to work out together and before you know it, they realized that the person they wanted to spend more and more time with, was the person they had right in front of them. So the story begins… And Nemer being a sneaky one planned a great proposal with help from one of Lauren’s friends… “August 1st, 2014. Lauren had a day off from work and made plans to go hiking with her best friend Tonya. Lauren called Nemer that morning at work, disappointing that he had never taken the day off as they had planned. Tonya took Lauren hiking at haystack memorial towel in norfolk. This is a place nemer and lauren had gone hiking often and tonya had never been. This is also the place lauren and nemer first said “i love you” to each other. The hike goes up a trail and there is a memorial tower at the top. When tonya and lauren reached the tower, there is a spiral staircase inside. Lauren says, “oh look, candles..that’s cute!” She was unaware that nemer had placed a tea light candle on each stair. On the next set of stairs there were rose pedals all over the ground and lauren says, “rose petals, this is so pretty!” At the top of the tower nemer was waiting all dressed up with a dozen roses, got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him…and of course she was totally surprised and said yes! She never considered that Nemer would have done all this because she called his work phone and spoke to him only an hour ago….she didnt know that he had the IT guy at work transfer his calls from his desk to his cellphone the day before. He had planned the whole day out with tonya and she had secretly been helping him ring shop for months prior.” Talk about a proposal that went quite perfectly.

Collinsville Simsbury Ct. Riverview Weddings Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic - www.tabphotographic.comThen comes their wedding day. It was, BY FAR, the nicest day of the year thus far. The weather was perfect. Which, as anyone local knows, was pure luck this year. And for a Sunday day wedding, I’ll be totally honest, IT WAS GREAT! Some day weddings can hold people back, and some Sunday day weddings can hold people back more. Guests can already be thinking about work on Monday, or hide at their table because the lights are up and the sun is high. But NOT this wedding, this one was pure greatness!!! And as always, the food was delicious and the staff always great. Because it is, after all the Riverview in Simsbury / Weatogue. From the starting of that venue, I have yet to shoot a wedding there where things don’t just go smoothly. 100 people to 400 people. The Riverview gets the job done and makes sure that the couple has the perfect day.

As for their wedding day, it was another wedding that I got to work with a good friend Harry of HG Entertainment (click here to actually read more about Harry).  And the videographer, it was my first time working with Carlos but he was a hoot and played barnacle all day. For a videographer that’s sort of key. He didn’t go crazy and get in my way, he just worked smart and let me do my thing while he got what he needed along side.

Collinsville Simsbury Ct. Riverview Weddings Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic - www.tabphotographic.comAnyway, back to these two and their day… Nerves were, well…. Low. Lauren felt it a little as the morning un-folded, “Nemer. He says he played it cool leading up to the wedding we were actually both really calm and not nervous at all. The morning of the wedding i woke up very excited and still not nervous. As i watched courtney get her hair and makeup done, it suddenly became real for me and i was nervous. Nervous about what a big life change this was going to be, but i knew it was right and continued to be excited. nemer claims he was not nervous at all that morning.” I actually have to agree, getting to the church, he was laughing, relaxed and just enjoying the moments. I didn’t feel anything other than excitement coming from him. And his thoughts were probably wrapped safe with their love and knowing that soon enough, he would be seeing his beautiful wife walking down the aisle and together, exiting the church hand in hand, heart in heart, life starting together……

Collinsville Simsbury Ct. Riverview Weddings Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic - www.tabphotographic.comFrom there, their day just rolled along, there didn’t seem to be anything that slowed it down or speed it up. It just flowed… From their favorite moments in the day “The actual wedding vows, that’s what the whole day was about. and for lauren-listening to courtney give her speech. we are incredibly close and have become even closer over the past few years. we lived together for our whole lives, until after the wedding when nemer and i moved in together. her speech was incredibly touching and certainly a moment i wont forget.”

When it came to anything they would change for their day, “the photographer?……. JK 😀 Seriously, Nothing at all, we had beautiful weather and we were surrounded by all of our friends and family who mean the most to us. Honestly, everything was perfect. including the photographer!”

Collinsville Simsbury Ct. Riverview Weddings Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic - www.tabphotographic.comAnd last but not least, what their futures now hold (other than all the awesome photos I saw from their honeymoon)… “we are enjoying are new roles as husband and wife…so far lol we are house hunting and plan to enjoy our summer with family and friends”

From here, feel free to hit the share button below, or leave a comment to give this couple their “congrats” or love… And THANK YOU Lauren and Nemer for inviting me into your day and THANK YOU to all the friends and family for supporting their love now and for ever.


The Riverview

I think his name is Tim and he likes Starbucks…. 🙂 (why yes… Yes I do. haha)

harry gambardella – HG Entertainment

Carlos marques

Sandra, price chopper The flowers were truly beautiful. Def. took first place for flowers outside of a full time floral designer.

Dress: Alfred Angelo

lauren carried an embroidered handkerchief as her something “old” that her mom also carried on her wedding day..which originally belonged to laurens mom’s grandmother

Michael’s limousine & transportation service (not impressed, not worth mentioning)

he Riverview

Beckers of west Hartford. bride’s set is Gabrielle and co.

uxes from maria Christine’s bridal

ade by the bride

Ct. NYC Maine Based Travel Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic



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