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Vendor Spotlight – HG Entertainment – When you need the party to be perfect – Ct. Wedding / Event DJ

harryg2I’ve worked with Harry from HG Entertainment on many occasions. Actually, I think we probably worked together the first time, maybe 5 or so years ago. Since then, he’s been the one that I come back to more often than most when a couple asks for a recommendation. “Why?”, easy. He knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t nickel and dime couples, and he throws a good party. He’s not that DJ that’s in everyones faces and loud and always talking, yet he’s not the DJ that just sits behind his equipment hoping no one comes up to him either. Actually, if you do go up to him, he will always greet you with a smile and truly listen….

While Harry does with he was an international jewel thief, it’s really not in the cards for him. He’s outgoing and has a great spontaneous side that works incredibly well for events. And if you need to butter him up to play certain songs, bring him canolli and he’ll probably do anything you want.

harrygWhen I asked Harry a couple other questions about what he does, his answers rolled in with out hesitation and every word was obviously so sincere…

Favorite thing about being a DJ? Having the chance to create memories to last a lifetime. To be at the events that are the most important in people’s lives and to be able to enhance the events. Making people laugh and enjoy themselves. 

What are the best things that HG Entertainment can offer a couple? Complete and utter attention to every detail. A non-stop evaluation of the vibe of the room. And, constant adjustment to the music/entertainment to assure the energy level is high and people are having the best time ever.

One thing a couple shouldn’t short cut on their wedding day? The entertainment. No one ever said, “I was going to leave the wedding early but I stayed longer because these flowers just look so darn pretty”. It’s the entertainment that makes or breaks the event. It’s the right entertainer that serves as the coordinator and assures everything is running smoothly and fun. (as the photographer, I may not agree with harry on that one, but I’ll let it slide this one time….)

Reality is, Harry will bring a level of fun to your day to make it awesome. The guests will have a great time and he won’t let you down if you let him work with you to do his thing…

HG Entertainment Website

Click here for HG Entertainment Facebook Page

If you have some words or experiences to share about Harry and HG Entertainment that other couples would enjoy, leave it in the comments below.



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The Maneeley’s Lodge Wedding for Jenn & Matt’s Wedding Day Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic

Ct. Wedding Photography TAB Photographic Maneeley's Lodge weddingJen’s version- “I saw Matt standing outside Enfield Twin Rinks… It was love at first sight. I texted my best friend Liz and said “I found my future husband…I need to marry this man.” So after a little bit of facebook stalking, a perfectly orchestrated facebook status, and a Whale game, the wheels were in motion. Matt’s version- at a hockey game… I walked over and sat next to her. Matt proposed the day that we bought this amazing house!!! A total shock to Jen… he asked to take a picture with the SOLD sign in front of the house… standing on the steps in front of the red door, he pulled out a ring and said “Before we take the picture I have something to ask you…” Jen immediately started screaming “THAT’S NOT REAL!!! IS THAT REAL?!?!” and after a bit of a dramatic flare… said yes!!!

Ct. Wedding Photography TAB Photographic Maneeley's Lodge weddingAnd that’s how it all started. Then the second they walked in the house, they searched for photographers and found me!!! Okay, that might not be exactly how they did it, or anywhere close, but let me run with this. 😉

Really though, right from the start, Jenn and Matt were an awesome couple. Every e-mail that was received came with fun, enthusiasm and excitement. I won’t lie, I was a little concerned that excitement would slip away with the engagement session because Matt really didn’t like having his picture taken but that enthusiasm didn’t slow down at all. As a matter of fact, I just said “Matt really DIDN’T like having his picture taken” because now, now he knows that it’s an awesome thing to do. No, I’m serious, right to the point where he was stoked just to have me at their wedding. So stoked that he e-mailed me saying “I hope you have so much fun you forget to take pictures. And I mean it. And I hope I’m the first person to ever tell you that”…..

Ct. Wedding Photography TAB Photographic Maneeley's Lodge weddingAnd their day, it sure was a blast, yes… IT SNOWED… (crazy!) Their day though, the moments. Their friends. All so great!!! And one of the moments I can recall the most happens to be the same moment that Jenn says was a fav… I looked up at Matt as the time was getting closer and there he was, his face, the emotion. The tears about to break the flood gates. Then, then Jenn got closer and their smiles took over the tears and it was all laughs, jokes and a couple screams of excitement in the mix from then… As Jenn recalls. “Honestly, the amount of emotion as soon as we saw each other while I walked down the isle. I can’t even begin to describe the overpowering love between us as we locked eyes and as both of our eyes filled up with tears. It was like no one else was there… it was our moment.”

Ct. Wedding Photography TAB Photographic Maneeley's Lodge weddingFrom here, they will continue to grow their love. Go to Wolf Pack Games (aren’t they the Whale now??), trips to Cape Cod and more. But I do just need to add in one more thought from Jenn because sometimes, there’s just one more thing that needs to be added in, said or felt… And I couldn’t not share it. “I have never felt so much love in one room. It was amazing to see all of this people in one place for US!!! Gregg & Liz made the wedding special for us… the ceremony that they put together was totally Matt & Jen. The best man dropping the rings and his toast later in the day made the day so very special. Having the maids of honor there and the absolutely phenomenal flower girl could not have been any better. And of course… we couldn’t have done ANY of this without our parents Tom & Liz and Sam & Marie.”

Anyway… Feel free to share some love for these two in the comments section below, hit the share button, use the contact button above if you want to get in touch about your needs for a wedding photographer.

And while you’re here, enjoy the video and the photos below.



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Blueberry Love & Life

Blueberry Muffin Recipe the best for sure

Blueberry Muffin Recipe all naturalWhile it is of course my site and generally I post featured weddings, engagement sessions and more. And sometimes, I post other things. Like today…. One thing I do love is baking, for a few reasons I love it. The process, the creating, the enjoyment of my children enjoying what ever it is I have made. Knowing that I didn’t use things like high fructose corn syrup and other chemicals or ingredients that  most can’t read, let alone pronounce.

TAA_1634And todays post is one of my recent baked treats and then a tad more about life. And it’s all good….

These blueberry muffins, are… to…. die…. for…… But don’t go killing anyone because the recipe is below. Seriously though, the batter, you will find to be just as, if not more, delicious than that of chocolate chip cookies. And fresh out of the oven, OMG…. And the next day, just as perfect. If I remember correctly, my kids did a magic trick and made them disappear in under 36 hours. 12 large muffins gone in 36 hours. (and okay, I probably had two….)…

Anyway.. These muffins are delicious, “healthy” and simple to make… So what are you waiting for??? Probably the ingredients and directions right???




zTAA_3310And then comes part two of this post… The part where I realize how wonderful moments can be. Yesterday may not have been the day I thought it was going to be. The day I thought it would end up being. Or how I really thought the evening would go. In that though, were these two. Hanging out in the yard and on the porch. The laughs, the chill, the moment. It’s moments like this which ground me. Showing me what the world truly has to offer. It’s moments like this that make me feel raw, but alive. And these two…. My rocks. My stability. My love. My life….

zTAA_3252Ya see, I’m real, I’m human. Like all of you. I’m me. Sometimes I can feel like I got hit in the gut or a day doesn’t go so well. And sometimes we all feel that. But man… It’s moments like this that can take every mis-step, every blow, every moment where I’m looking down as I go instead of straight ahead, and make them feel as though they never existed. These two… I love for who they are… My kids…

So while this wasn’t a wedding post, it was a post that means just as much to me as all the moments I capture for my couples. Because without moments, moments like this and like the ones I capture for my couples, life would just be… well……. lame. (P.S. She wants me to let the world know, she’s not always crosseyed. haha)


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