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Engagement Session for Anna Maria & Ernie By Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic

2015-02-12_0019Every couple is different, unique in their own awesome ways. Their love, their connect, their ways thru life. And when I first met Anna Maria and Ernie at Starbucks in New Haven, I knew their wedding day would be an awesome one. I still know it will be, and it’s months away. Their connection though, great for sure. They laugh, they joke, they understand what’s important fir themselves as well as their partners.

2015-02-12_0002It wasn’t always that easy though, I mean, when they first met it was because Ernie was an escaped convict and they ran into each other. She looked at him nervously and he wouldn’t speak. A loss for words or??? She became more nervous as Ernie looked down at her, his head tilted just a tad and still…. He wouldn’t speak. Finally, knowing that if he didn’t say anything, she would be gone. Possibly calling the cops. Though that call would probably be doubtful since it was a Halloween party. but still…. I guess from there though, words weren’t needed because love took over. Because he asked and she said yes. And now…. They count the days down till September 26th 2015…. And on that night, New Haven will be the place to be for sure!!!

In the mean time, their little movie and some pics… And if you just need tips for your best possible engagement session you can find those ::here::



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The Aria Wedding for Kirsten and Matt by TAB Photographic Ct. New England Destination wedding photographers

” There were so many amazing moments – the speeches, the dancing, the ceremony, walking down the isle, Kirsten’s mom seeing her in her dress… But bringing our families together and seeing everyone so happy stands out the most. “

When you check your voice mail and there’s a message from Gov. John Rowland, (and for anyone that have the smallest of bad thoughts about him, throw them away. We all make mistakes and if you ever met him in person you would know, from his energy alone, that he is a great guy!!! ) back to what I was saying. When you get a voice mail from John Rowland, you of course are going to call him back. Especially when it’s about being invited into his daughters wedding to capture the love, the moments and so much more!

Ct. wedding photographers NYC Destination Aria WeddingEnter Kirsten and Matt. I had the pleasure of meeting Kirsten at a wedding a few years back and having the new pleasure of her day was nothing short of awesome. First though, first was their engagement session and of course… How they got engaged. “Kirsten and Matt had purchased a home together in Stamford, CT. After living in Queens for 2 years, it was time to make a move to the burbs! Though it’s a fixer-upper, the house has a ton of potential and what really sold us was the babbling brook in the backyard. On our deck is a huge tree which the deck is built around. The previous owners had carved their initials in the tree. After a day of working on the house, Kirsten & Matt were having a glass of wine on the deck and Matt suggested they carve their initials in the tree. As Kirsten was perfecting her initials, Matt was trying to get her attention (which of course took longer than he had hoped because she was focused), and when he finally caught her attention, she turned around and he was on his knee with the ring. (I personally am SO glad it didn’t drop thru the deck never to be found again) Later that evening, their families showed up to surprise them… everyone knew what was happening except for her.” 

TAB Photographic Ct. Wedding PhotographersI believe, if my mind serves me right, which is not that often. That they even met on a deserted island off the coast of Mass. when Kirsten’s boat washed up after losing power to it’s motor.  ( Okay, deserted may not be the truth as it may have been Block Island and it may have been at a bar on said Island and what not. But deserted sounds so much more heroic and well, just sounds more dramatic haha).. Anyway. The engagement sounded pretty perfect as I know the love and labor that goes into fixing up a house and turning it into a home. And to have Matt ask Kirsten to be his forever, at that home, where so much love will grow. Perfect I tell ya…

Wedding rings Photo ideasAnyway… Their wedding day. January 3rd 2015. The first wedding of my 2015 wedding season and what a way to rock it out! Snow and all! It was wonderful. Slippery, but wonderful! I arrived at Country Loft Antiques where the girls were getting ready (and also where we rocked out the engagement session) and right when I walked in the door I could hear all the laughter and love. Hair being done here, make up being done there. Only thing, with all the hallways in this house and rooms that have door ways into other rooms, finding everyone turned into a constant fun game for me.

As the day went on, the January snow began to fall. It was a beautiful snow for sure! And looking back, when asked what they remembered most about the day, of course that snow found its way into the memories. “Matt and Kirsten approached the wedding with excitement around all our favorite people being in the same place at the same time. What we wanted most was for everyone to have a memorable night filled with love and happiness. By the looks of it, everyone danced, ate great food, and had a blast! Oh, and the snow was…perfect.” And looking back, everyone really did have a great time. The live band got everyone up and dancing, Aria held another great wedding as usual with food that was delicious and staff that was and is always on their game.

2015-02-02_0015The way Kirsten’s father danced around with her and her sister, that was one of the moments I will remember the most, the three of them smiling so large enjoying the moments. The entire wedding party out there dancing. 2015-02-02_0017The guests PACKING the dance floor. It was one of those weddings where the outside world faded away and the only thing that matted was the energy taking over their wedding day. Their perfect wedding day. Sometimes, couples can look back and wish they could go back and do something differently. Sometimes it’s a small thing. Other times it’s a big piece. For Kirsten and Matt though, seems like the day was exactly what they planned because when they were asked that question, “would you go back and change anything”… “No! Well…this was out of our hands but we could have done without the “wedding flu” that everyone who attended the wedding seemed to get either during or after the wedding. I guess that’s the risk you take with a January wedding! The entire weekend was beyond anything either of us could have imagined.” And yes, I got that flu too. But it was worth it and besides, it forced me to take a little time off.

Anyway…. The day was awesome and I should just let you see more of their photos and the slideshow. The slideshow is even just a tease of what the couple received but will give you a great idea of what the day was like… Enjoy it, enjoy the photos below and hey. Leave this couple some love if you’re feeling it using the comment button below. But most of all… Shine on…..



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We all have those friends…..

We all have those friends. You know, that friend who is always there for you….

That friend who welcomes you with enthusiasm into their day as if you’re the only person there right then at that moment….

That friend who listens with out judgement and no matter what you tell them, they love….

That friend who will stay by your side thru thick and thin, never wavering….

That friend who wants nothing in return, ever….

That friend who will see you coming and be ready to shower you with excitement, all because they’re seeing you again….

That friend who knows when you’re mad, upset or sad without you even having to hear a word. And when they know this, they just want to support you and be there for you.

That friend who looks up to you as if you’re the one who brings light to everything you do.

That friend who will sit there in silence while you in turn sit there in silence, no matter the length of time.

That friend…… You know… That friend. We all have those friends. Or maybe we all know of that friend. You know… That friend who, when given the chance will rub their wet nose on your cheek and lick your face… That friend………..

IMG_1430Today…… I lost that friend. In a matter of about 24 hours, my family went from having that friend there for all of us. To, well…. not. One moment, she’s fine, right there looking for any scrap or crumb that may drop (or be handed to her)…. To another moment where she’s unable to walk.

Yesterday morning, waking up to her, that friend, looking up at me with a sadness in her eyes, unable to lift her hind quarters up. Visiting the ER, a disc problem in her back. Our friend, she continued to slip down that slope becoming worse with the hours that passed. Back to the ER, then to another ER for an MRI and emergency back surgery. Completely paralyzed from the mid section down. And then….. At 3:47 AM, then the phone rings. A call that you were waiting for. But NOT the call you were waiting for. Hearing that her conditions have worsened and even with the $7000 surgery, her current chances of walking again are extremely low. EXTREMELY low….. Forcing her to a life full of pain, anxiety, and not being able to fully be that friend she longs to be…. I guess that’s when the moment comes. When you know you’re put in a position of having to say good bye to that friend you saw so many more years with.

And that’s what the morning consisted of. Taking every minute possible, holding that friend, loving that friend, trying to bring an ounce of peace to that friend. The kisses, her fur touching my lips, her body laying on my chest, my daughters finders finding that soft fur behind her ears, the kisses she would place down on that friends forehead, tears leaving our eyes and being absorbed into her fur.

I can only hope, a smallest bit of hope, that in those moments, in those fleeting minutes that having us there, having our hands, our souls, our hearts all intertwined together, alleviated even a small piece of her fear, her pain, her anguish. Her body on my chest and feeling her last breath escape from her lungs… While I will never forget any one of those minutes. God, please don’t let me ever forget those minutes, I will also never forget the minutes and hours spent on the porch with her laying at my feet, or in the grass chasing bees as the summer sun went down. I will never forget “Penny in the middle” with the lacrosse game. I will never forget her head on my shoulder, knowing exactly what I needed. I will never forget any moment. God, please don’t let me forget any of the moments that I had with her. Because Penny… Penny you will always be that friend….. And fuck, I’m going to miss you………




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