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Simsbury Ct. Riverview Wedding for Ariana and Eric by TAB Photographic

Riverview Wedding Simsbury Ct. by TAB Photographic Ct. Wedding Photographer Pricing affordableLet’s rewind Eric and Ariana’s life a bit… Now go a bit further…. And now a bit further than that. Let’s actually go all the way back to 8th grade. you know, that age when you think you’re so incredibly cool, but also scared to death because in a few months you’re going to be a freshman in high school starting the climb up the educational ladder once again… Yes. 8th grade. Why 8th grade??? Simple. That’s when they met. At one single 8th grade dance. (middle school dance in 2000 to be exact but hey…. I’m the one writing this story. haha)…

Now, we jump forward. To a time a few years later where they carved their initials into a tree at Vally Falls.

Riverview Wedding Simsbury Ct. by TAB Photographic Ct. Wedding Photographer Pricing affordable Larissa Lake Make up ArtistAnd now… Now we jump forward even a bit more to a hot and steamy day when Eric decided to take Ariana on an early morning hike back up to Vally Falls ( Eric must always take the lead as he also said I love you first. 😉 ). Ariana, yea. She wasn’t as excited to go. However, being the trooper she is… She agreed. Once at the top though, she was done. “We need to leave” she said to Eric not feeling so hot… “that’s when we stood up and he got down on one knee and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and if i would marry him! I was so excited and surprised I said a couple explitives and said YES !!! My stomach didn’t hurt anymore and as we left we told every person coming up the trail that we were engaged it was amazing. I called my parents and they already had an engagment party happening for us that afternoon. We went to his parents house had champagne to celebrate !!!”

Now we fast forward even further to a wonderful autumn wedding day. A bit chilly, but still great. The weather stellar just like so many other days this year. The ceremony was wonderful. The candles lit, the vows exchanged. Some tears wiped away. And they did it. They both said their I-do’s and more. And yes, yes they even kissed. haha…

Riverview Wedding Simsbury Ct. by TAB Photographic Ct. Wedding Photographer Pricing affordable Larissa Lake Make up ArtistAfter the ceremony it was time for some photos in Hartford, after a bit of confusion, we rocked them out and moved onto the Riverview. Dances were great, the band was awesome. And I mean…. There was so much excitement and dancing, during the outside photos they created steam with their love and more.Riverview Wedding Simsbury Ct. by TAB Photographic Ct. Wedding Photographer Pricing affordable Larissa Lake Make up Artist

Really, what you can do is enjoy the slideshow / movie below and the images of course. And if you know of someone or are in need yourself, no matter where in the country or world you are. Use the contact button above and I’ll personally help rock out your photos needs.

OH! You should also leave some love and more in the comments area below to keep these two warm in the coming months of Winter with their goals from here on out to love love love and to start a family together all of their own.

Vendor List:
Church: Saint George Greek Orthodox Church
Venue: The Riverview
Photographer: TAB Photographic —> ME!
Make Up: Larissa Lake & Co.
Videographer: Classic Video Productions
DJ: Bob Adamowicz
Greek Band: George Tsilemekis’ Band
Florist: Carey Stems Floral Design
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Dress: I don’t even know hahaha
Rings: Got them from Brays Jeweler in Manchester
Limo Service: Premier Limousines 
Hotel: Hartford Marriott
Belt from Sparkle and Shine



Your Ct. NYC Boston Wedding Photographer – TAB Photographic

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Ct. Portrait Photography Session For The Byrne’s By TAB Photographic

Portrait Photographers in Ct. TAB Photographic Tim BrownSo at least once a year I get the pleasure of capturing this family in action. The first session with them, OH GOSH! I recall it so… A blistery cold late autumn day. As a matter of fact, that almost always seems to be the weather. Last fall, it was a bit nicer. And this day, not so bad either. Maybe next year we can shoot for a spring or summer date as well??? haha.

Ct. Family Portrait Photography TAB PhotographicAnyway, I’ve seen this little dude turn into the man he is. Now running, falling, laughing, throwing a cheese face and more. All in all, he’s awesome!

This shoot was rocked out in the wonderful Studio area of Collinsville, Ct. Right along the Farmington River. The Collins Company factory is such a great back drop. The doorways, the halls… It’s all great. For now though, and so I can get these photos out to the world. (Mainly Rebecca so she can get some sleep at night. haha :p ) I’ll share some photos below and of course a little video fun! Enjoy!!!

And if you need or know someone who needs a photographer for their love, their life or their furry friends… It’s simple to reach me, Tim… Just  CONTACT ME HERE and I’ll be sure to take care of them as I would you and every one of my life long clients…

OH! And feel free to share your love and thoughts in the comments area below for this wonderfully freakin’ awesome family!!!







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So the coming fun is……. And this will be great!

IMG_0569So there’s this “thing” that’s about to go down. It’s still under wraps. But it’s going to go down and it’ going to be awesome. This new space, well, this old space. However it’s going to be a new space. Walls being painted, floors being refinished, offices being built. Brick walls that have so many stories and so much age to them. Windows allowing in such a soft natural light that’s inviting. And a door way that will be put together facing directly up Main St. in Collinsville. So yea. It’s going to be awesome…..

IMG_0566IMG_0573Things like this green beam being stripped down and turned into a rustic beam. Sure, I’ll probably end up with lead poisoning but it will be worth it. The stories and distress found in these beams is magical. With stripping, I’m allowing them to dictate where they want to show their bareness and other places where they want to hold onto their covering. But they’re freakin’ awesome!!!!

What will be going down here? Well, there will surely be some seasonal parties and get togethers. Some photographer meetings and get togethers. Some gallery and studio openings… All in all, it’s going to be fun and a new piece of TAB Photographic.

So, what do you say, should we rock this out? And do you want to be part of it and see what’s going down? Keep your eyes out here and there and come show your faces at the get-togethers, the parties and more. It’s going to be a blast if you do.

What do you think should happen here. If you have thoughts, comment below and you never know. Maybe you’re a musician that wants to have a show. Maybe a poet that wants an open reading. Maybe a night of story telling like The Moth podcasts or Snap Judgement. Maybe you’re an artist and want to have your own private opening??? You tell me.

(and yes, there’s a reason there aren’t real photos here yet. Because it’s still in secret phases!!!)

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Some Collinsville Family Love For Ashley Doug and Joseph… by TAB Photographic

2014-10-24_0053It’s always great when another photographer invites you into their lives on a different scale. Where they go from being an occasional shooter on your team at weddings, to where you’re capturing the love that is their family. Learning who they are on a different level. As a mother and more.

2014-10-24_0059And this day, in Collinsville, was one of those great days. Capturing Joseph as ran back and forth, or looking down in that shy manner, to the moments where Ashley and Doug were truly there for one another where nothing else in the world mattered. At least nothing else mattered on this perfect autumn day. The trees in the middle of their peak change. The colours across the hill and down into the valley were stunning. A light breeze, but the sun breaking thru the clouds to keep things just warm enough.

All in all, just a fun little shoot with these guys… Enjoy the quick video, a few of their photos below and if you’re up for it, below that you can even leave them some love int he comments area.






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The Harkness Family Session for Sara and Jason by TAB Photographic

Family Portrait Photographers Ct. TAB PhotographicOne of the things I love most about being a wedding photographer is growing up with the family. I don’t mean I’ve known them since I was a wee little lad… I mean starting my life with them and their engagement session and then their wedding, then they have kids and I get to be involved in that part of their lives with their family and on it goes.

2014-11-03_0012And well, this is one of those families. I remember it from day one. From the first time we met, to dragging them off the party bus for wedding photos in the pouring rain thru to this day. And there’s something that’s just great about seeing the family “my couples” turn into.

For Jason and Sara, now with two “mini’s” running around. Well, one running around, one soon to be. Life together has even more meaning. Family, even stronger. And this windy day at Harkness… So great. It was a chilly one for sure, the wind was gusting up around a million miles per hour. One of my favorite parts… Well, I would have to say the squirrel hunt. 😉 I don’t think we ever found where said squirrel disappeared to??? OH! And the shoe, that darn shoe of hers that kept falling off. Somehow we made it thru the entire shoot with out losing one of them. Losing the shoes… Not the kids…

Working out way from the park, to the board walk onto the beach. It really was a great family session with these guys for sure and I hope I am invited to capture many more…

Send them your love below down in the comments area, and really, for now, enjoy a few photos and their slideshow and as always… Shine on…….


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