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Kennebunkport Maine Engagement Session for Sage and Will by TAB Photographic


Engagement Session“Road trippin’…….. To Kennebunkport Maine for what is surely going to be an awesome engagement session!!!” Right? Of course!!! For these two, nothing less than spectacular. Arriving in Kennebunkport earlier in the day, the weather…. BEAUTIFUL! Mid 70’s with a nice breeze and a warm sun.

And then, we welcome in Will and Sage. Driving from Vt. to Kennebunkport as they’re going to be having their wedding in Maine as well. The Landing at Pine Point in Scarborough will be the place! So excited!!!

Connecting with Sage was awesome. I was wondering why me for their Maine wedding…  Your photos were great, we loved the detail shots on your website and your pricing was great. After meeting you, your personally rocks, and well, it fits our sarcastic family perfectly!” Makes me look even more forward to their day!

2014-08-31_0002When they arrived, I could see some apprehension. Like “here we go, we can do this… I hope”… Right from the start though, they just worked. It was as if they rehearsed it all. Which was funny because they truly were nervous but it didn’t show one bit. We were a little nervous because we are not good at coming up with photo poses we are great at just smiling and standing side by side.. Boring.. But you were fantastic with direction and my nerves went away immediately! Will’s twitching hands were always there but he says he wasn’t nervous… Not sure about that.”

We started on the strip right in down town Kennebunkport and then moved out and around. Primarily shooting but the water. I mean…. That’s what it’s all about right? We didn’t go as far as getting cliche and taking photos in front of the Bush compound though. haha. The session went down pretty smoothly though. From start to finish, and thru all the stopping. Even when I had them climbing out into the water on la2014-08-31_0010rge rocks covered in slime and snails with crabs and jelly fish waiting for them to slip right in. <– slight exaggeration may have just been used…

Really though, I can’t wait for the day and I hope they enjoy everything they bring to each other every day between now and then as well as every day after!!! Because these two, they know what it’s all about.

Anywho, enjoy their photos by clicking on one below and then being able to choose next or back to view more. And keep us, TAB Photographic in mind when you have a wedding coming in the future or know someone who does. Click here to get in touch!

Sage… Will… Thank you again for inviting me into your day!



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Candlewood Inn Wedding – Brookfield, Ct. for Erin and Earl by TAB Photographic



When asked how Erin thought the day went, her reply was quite simply “Better than perfect!”… I mean, is there anything else anyone out there would want to hear from the bride? And honestly, from the photography side, I can’t say as if I disagree. From the prepping to the first looks… From the ceremony to this shot on the left closing out the evening. I do believe her day may have gone just like as she said… “Better than perfect!”.

Really, this year we’ve had pretty spectacular weather and for Erin and Earl, the weather followed suit, much like every other weekend we’ve had. See, sometimes as photographers summer weddings can be tough because when it’s 100 degrees out with 1000000% humidity, trucking around all of our equipment, carrying a camera that weighs a gazillion pounds (that may be a slight exaggeration) and  generally standing in the sun while we try to find shade to put our couples in can be tough. However, we do it with a smile and our own excitement because even though it’s tough… We still LOVE what we do, or at least I can say I do.

Anyway… Their day was bright and sunny and began with a bridal suit FULL of bridesmaids, moms, stylists and more. And I will say, the hair and make up team of Kara and Ambyr of Mirror Mirror out of  Torrington were great. They kept everyone and everything on time, which is always a blessing. And then cruising thru hair and make up like a breeze, it was dress time. That moment you think about as a bride for so many years, and that day. Oh that day……. When you finally get to admire your gown on yourself, your body wrapped tight by it’s elegant fabric and lace. And it’s that moment when you truly become that stunning bride.

2014-08-29_0020And I’m sure the feelings were nothing short of magical for Erin. One would think that nerves could take over but not for Erin. As most brides probably think, Erin believed she would be nervous but in her own words… I thought I was going to be (nervous), but when everything comes together you realize you don’t have anything to be nervous about! The first look and bridal party pictures before the ceremony definitely calmed my nerves for the ceremony.” 

What did she mention, “first looks”?? That’s right, we did first looks for Erin’s day and I believe they are becoming such a wonderful thing. More on that in the near future. First looks open up so much time but more importantly, they truly create more emotion and so many more moments than waiting to come down the aisle. If you scroll thru the photos located at the bottom of the post you’ll be able to find not only the first look with Erin and Earl, but also with Erin and her father. Man, when I capture first looks with dad and daughter I can feel my emotions running high, thinking about and knowing what I will be like with my daughter. A moment I’m looking forward to yet not looking forward to all at the same time…. haha

Chatting with Erin, there are two more pieces and thoughts of hers that I want to share. First, if there were any tips she would want to give to other brides. Don’t stress about the little details and do a first look! And allow plenty of time for dancing! And rent Harry’s Photo Booth, its hilarious!” (Harry is the DJ of HG Entertainment, and a great one at that.) And of course in closing I asked her if she had any other thoughts or things she wanted to mention and in her words…… “Tim rocks!“<— That’s me. 😉 

As always, keep TAB Photographic in mind for your wedding photography. We travel near and far as miles are nothing when it comes to capturing the love. And you can Click here to get in touch!


Hey! Erin & Earl, Thank you for inviting me into such a wonderful day!!!

And while we’re at it. Thanks to::::

Florist: Lily And Vine of Torrington

DJ: Harry Gambardella of HG Entertainment

Candlewood Inn in Brookfield

Hair and Make Up Team: Ambyr and Kara from Mirror Mirror out of Torrington

And all of their guests for rocking the party out!!!!

Shoes: Badley Mischka

Dress: Casa Blanca Bridal

Rings: Bedrosian Jewelers in Boston


(Photographer: TAB Photographic (ME!)

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Harkness Memorial Park Engagement Session for Jenn and Brian by TAB Photographic

Harkness Memorial Park Engagement Session

So this engagement session started bright and early in the morning, okay, maybe not for me, and maybe not for Brian. But for Jenn, she totally got a jump on the day. Possibly being just about as prepared and as smart as one can be for their engagement session. Having her hair all done up by Stephanie from Shear Transitions Salon in Enfield, to her good friend Jenny who dolled her up with some great makeup. She totally took my “tips for the best possible engagement session” seriously and to heart. Making sure she was ready to rock it out!

One of her preparations was heading out to find some new clothes for the two of them.  I shopped for my outfits and prepared in my mind what kind of outfits I wanted to wear ahead of time.” I think I robbed her of all her changes though as we did just one outfit change instead of the 9 that she had planned on.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t 9. :p 

If there’s something else I, as the photographer, can add. It’s not to be nervous. Remember why you hired your photographer into your day in the first place. Because you like their work and you trusted them. As Jenn said, I was not nervous. I was more nervous for  Brian because I know he hates taking pictures. I think I was a tad bit nervous of how the pictures would come out versus the actual session itself.”“I’d say after the first couple shots were taken. Tim gave really great instructions and made it fun at the same time. Very stress free!!” And that’s the goal. Fun and stress free. That’s the goal while shooting your wedding too!  

Destination Wedding Photographers Harkness ParkSo it goes to say that this session was a blast and I can not wait for their awesome wedding day that will be unfolding in 2015. Because these two, how can they not have an awesome day with awesome friends.

Looking back, all the laughs, sneaking around as to not end up interfering with the wedding that was taking place that day. The fall like weather. Jenn going into the bushes to change outfits. (I still think there was some hanky panky stuff going on in there but I’ll leave the story for them to tell. It was just a great session across the board and after hearing how much fun they had, it is just another reminder of why I do what I do and how lucky I truly am to be a photographer specializing in weddings and bringing some awesome into my couples lives. 

One thing I’ve start asking couples recently is what they would tell other couples and I can see a pattern growing here but I feel it’s important to share. And for Jenn and Brian it was simple for them to share….

“I would tell couples to not over-think the session. At first, I thought that I needed an array of outfits to choose from, but that is not the case. Pick out something that you would normally wear (maybe a little more dressy) and NEW. Trust your photographer and let them do their job. They actually know what they are doing!! And they will make sure to deliver some amazing shots (like ours did) & HAVE FUN!!! Don’t stress too much otherwise it will show in your pictures. Laugh, be playful, and be yourselves. That’s all there is to it! 🙂 “

Jenn… Brian… I can’t wait to be such an integral part of your day and THANK YOU SO MUCH for inviting me into your lives.



One thing you will see with this video is the fusion we are working with video and photographs. It’s the way of the future and the way of TAB…  Feel free to watch the slideshow, scroll thru the photos and comment below. And hey, you can even Click here to get in touch!


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It’s like sneaking sally thru the alley…..

Odd title, right??? “Sneaking sally thru the alley”. I guess that’s because I feel as though this year has been sneaking up on me. Not in a bad way, not a bad way at all. Instead a great way. A way that has brought me in new directions, mentally, physically and most importantly (at least for my couples), my work. Shooting “professionally” now for 8 years and I feel like my style just took a shift and quite honestly, I’m enjoying this shift. I’m not sure where it came from or why but it showed up. You know, Glen Hansard is a FREAKIN’ AWESOME musician and while in an interview one time he said something along the lines of “a singer doesn’t get his or her voice till they’ve been singing for 7 to eight years, then they come into their own.” Maybe that’s it for me too, maybe I have finally come into my own. Creating my craft, heck, maybe I could go as far as saying mastering my craft? All I know is that things have changed and I like it. So with my changing work, my site should change to. And that’s what this is. That’s where I’m going now. A new site….

So, this is where it all begins. I was going to take some old posts and carry them over, and who knows, maybe I still will. But instead I think I will just start new. Let the new me carry the site thru and in turn, carry you along with me.

I guess all there is to say now is…. “It’s go time!” Let’s do this, let’s keep moving forward, each and every one of us, and let’s make some awesome happen for ourselves because you deserve awesome just as much as anyone else.

Shine on,

P.S. I use the word awesome too much but I don’t really care. haha

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Ct. Based Wedding Photographers capturing weddings through out the country and around the world. That is, after all what being a destination wedding photographer is all about. 

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