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DUMBO – Brooklyn Engagement Session for Lindsey And Sam By TAB Photographic

Brooklyn NYC Engagement There’s this place in NY….. It’s got it all. It’s fun, hip, clean and dirty, new and old, blank yet so full…. And every time I get the chance to shoot there, I jump on it. I’ve probably done 10-13 engagement sessions here. Why? Well…… It’s awesome. There’s great food for pre or post shoot (Grimaldi’s Pizza)… The views are off the hook great. I understand everyone thinks NY and thinks Manhattan. And so many think that’s the place to shoot. Can it be fun, sure. But all the people, all the movement. There’s no where to escape to. Not to mention, if the city means something to you, the best pictures come from, not the city. haha…. Especially with the skyline that falls behind so many shots in Brooklyn. And the street art, and the nooks and crannies, and the park settings, and the architecture. OH! And did I say it’s got two of the most popular bridges in the US. One more than the other.

This place is DUMBO. Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. The name coming to be in the 70’s when residents of the area hoped the name would deter building and re-construction…

2014-12-27_0017Anyway, that’s not why we’re here. We’re here for Lyndsey and Sam and their engagement session. This was the first time we all ever met in person, but that didn’t stop me from knowing who they were the second they were walking toward the car (the suit case totally may have given it away). I wasn’t sure if they were here for the shoot or if they were coming home with us. haha…

The day, a frigid fall day for sure. These two though, oh, they sported it with fashion. From the coats to the scarves to the hugs and love. Yea, there may have been a runny nose or two, my hands may have been frozen solid (when is Nikon going to install built in heaters???). The shoot though, was GREAT!!!! And instead of rambling anymore, I’ll just share some of the photos and of course a quick video of the shoot… Enjoy it all and feel free to share some love for these two in the comments below.

And if you search further into the site while you’re here, you’ll find full wedding posts, tips and ideas and even a way to grab your share or the whole $1000.00 ( $1000.00 to the furthest wedding post )





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Hold onto the light…

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 7.35.47 AMThe holidays have a way of being great for some, hard for others, and everything in between for so many. I know this to be true…..

For you, if it’s a great time of year, laugh, hug, smile, let your kindness carry you because you may just be the string that’s holding someone else together. You may be their light as you walk down the street, your smile to a stranger could be the cheer that gives them hope for one more day and to make it thru.

If for you it’s a harder time of year, look toward the bright days and know you will make it thru this time – Gosh do I know what you’re feeling. Reach out to someone if you need, it will all be okay, you will be okay… This I will try to promise you… And know YOU are NOT alone…

And if it’s the in between and maybe stress and anxiety are trying to rule this holiday season, be patient with yourself – with others – with the world, and keep in mind you are just one person and no one… NO ONE, needs you to, or thinks you can do everything. It’s okay to let it go….

And back to those of you that have this time of the year with complete joy, if someone is rude, or cranky toward you. Or someone isn’t walking around with that cheer. Remember that you… You may be the piece that is holding them together and they just don’t know how to express that. Even if they’re complete strangers. Keep on with your cheer and believe that even in their crankiness….. In their darkness. That you may just be the cheer and light they need…. Be light to yourself and to complete strangers…

But to Everyone. Each and every one of you. I wish you only the brightest of days, the most love you can accept, and for you to know, that no matter what, if you need someone thru these days, there is someone there for you. Just reach out. And if you don’t believe there’s someone there for you, I will be that person, I truly will, just call or text 860.709.0987. We have put too much pressure on simple holidays and on ourselves and we all deserve to make it thru… And if none of that will help and you, and you have found a darkness and can’t reach out to someone you know, or me, or your neighbor… Call 1-800-273-8255 for a holiday isn’t worth such darkness…

While my words may not be as bright as wishing you all simple holidays, I feel these thoughts to just be the truths and and I just wish a true Happy Christmas to all. To each and every one of you….

And to the people that are my life, you know who you are. I love each and every one of you, for you help create the bright world around me…

Happy Christmas all… Happy Christmas.


As always, feel free to comment below, or hit the follow button so you can, in deed, receive and be kept up to date on future posts. Most of all…… Shine on.

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Jersey City Engagement Session for Francesca and Scott by TAB Photographic

Jersey City NYC Engagement Session Photos Inspiration wedding photographersJersey City NYC Engagement Session Photos Inspiration wedding photographersSo when they met, she had on this awesome zebra patterned, and even textured shoes… Those shoes, she has yet to let them go. I mean…. What if they’re the good luck charm to the relationship for these two??? (don’t worry guys, after doing your session this isn’t the case. You two have the “real deal”…)

Anyway, right from the first e-mail that Francesca’s mother sent, I was sold on their wedding. It’s funny I say I was sold on their wedding. Like I’m choosing them. haha… Obviously that’s not the case, but I was totally excited and fill with passion to be invited into their day. And then when I actually started talking to Francesca, it because even more apparent why why I was excited for their day. Because these two are awesome. It’s as simple as that.

For their engagement session, JERSEY CITY here I come! What a great area. The area has come a long way since I was last there, and it’s obvious that this entire area will be as cool as the hipsterish of all hipster areas in Brooklyn. But maybe with a new facade. Hang on, does that make it less hipster??? Anyway, it’s a cool area. We literally shot the first part of their session all in a 2 block walk from the door of their home and back. Taking what they see every day and making it what it is here. Full of love, laughs and some sarcastic one liners thrown around.

Jersey City NYC Engagement Session Photos Inspiration wedding photographersThen we went toward the water, that great view that only two places have. Some parts of Brooklyn, such as DUMBO… And here. Jersey City. The view is truly one of the best if you’re looking for skyline…

The new skyline standing tall and proud in the background. The helicopters buzzing overhead. (I think they were actually filing us in all the awesomeness we had going on. haha)

Anyway. I won’t bore you more with all my words. Their video is waiting right here. And more photos below. And remember, TAB Photographic – will capture your wedding from here to Timbuktu. Literally. So if you’re looking or needing or know someone who is. Share with them and let’s rock it out!

And while you’re here, send them some love in the comments area below. I mean, unless you hate them???





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Do you ever just stop??? The wonder of it all…

TAB_2677Do you ever just stop??? Like really stop. I’m not saying stop and watch TV… Or stop and look at your “phone” (tho almost everyone now knows how to keep going while looking at your phone). “Look at your phone”… Imagine what “looking at your phone” would have been 15 years ago? It literally would have been just looking at your phone. Anyway, back to stopping. When was the last time you actually stopped to look at the beauty, the magic, the wonder of it all… All around you, in every direction there is simple beauty.

TAB_2673This morning, I hopped in the car to warm it up for my daughters trip to school. Upon closing the door I looked at the glass all around me and was simply amazed. The intricate detail, the magic that the frigid evening left all over my car. Sometimes I have a moment and I keep it to myself. I hold it dear. Other times I see things and I don’t take a photo because I guess, in a way I’m being selfish and I’m keeping that sight all to myself. This morning though, I was so amazed at the magic, at the beauty, I was so amazed at the wonder of it all that I decided to share. I ran inside and with a firm hand I grabbed my camera, to capture 3 images. No more than 3 images. And those three snaps of the cameras shutter clicking, the only sound in the early morning air, those snaps… And well… These are them.

So back to my main thought / question.

Do you ever just stop to see what is…. Indeed…… All around you? Do you ever just enjoy the wonder of it all???

– I know I do. 




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Aria Wedding Prospect Ct. For Diana and Mark by TAB Photographic

Aria Banquet Wedding TAB PhotographicSo it’s the second wedding post in a row where these two have been following the same paths for years. While the previous post ( ) had Ariana and Eric meeting at a middle school dance. For Mark and Diana, this wonderful couple… It goes all the way back to grade school!!! Crazy I tell ya!

The store goes something, actually no, it goes just like this: “It’s kind of a complicated story but here is the gist. We actually road the same bus in grade school… Our parents didn’t live far from each other. It wasn’t until high school that we hung out more… But even then we didn’t date. We were very different people back then. About six years ago, my cousin and Mark’s brother got married. Mark was supposed to be the best man but he was serving our country in Iraq. While he was home on mid-tour leave we saw each other at a local bar. We hadn’t talked since high school. We immediately started talking about the wedding… after all my cousin was now his new sister-in-law. We talked the whole night and the next day he got my number from my cousin. We went on a double date with them soon after. That’s pretty much how it all started.”
Aria Banquet Wedding TAB PhotographicAnd then while in wine country, one of their favorite places, Mark proposed. “We took a trip to Sonoma in July 2013. After a day of tastings at some of the most amazing wineries, we headed to the coast for dinner. We stopped the car where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean to watch the sunset. While in his arms, I told him he was the best boyfriend. He turned to me and said that he didn’t want to just be the best boyfriend anymore… he wanted to be a great husband instead… he then got down on one knee and proposed.” Did you catch that awesome part? “While in his arms, I told him he was the best boyfriend. He turned to me and said that he didn’t want to just be the best boyfriend anymore… he wanted to be a great husband instead…” Could he have planned that or set the wording up any better??? I think not.
For these two, the road wasn’t always that easy. Mark being in the Army for two and half years, left them with many miles of separation. That didn’t slow them down though. In my eyes, it probably made what these two have that much stronger. From our first meeting, thru the engagement session, thru the wonderful wedding. These two are awesome!!!
Aria Banquet Wedding TAB PhotographicBack to the day though, when asked what Diana was most nervous about… Well. Her response was the first look. Which when asked what tips she would give a couple her response was to what??? Do a first look so that you have that special moment between the two of you. Anyway… Back to their first look and the nerves… Well… “The first look. I still remember walking up that very long path at Topsmead… alone… train of the dress in one hand and flowers in the other. So many thoughts were running through my head. “Do I look okay? Will he be disappointed? I can’t believe I’m going to see him… I can’t believe I’m going to see my future husband…” Then I turned the corner. As soon as I saw his back my heart started pounding and all I could do was smile. I couldn’t wait to be in his arms and the anticipation was killing me. I still remember his expression when he turned. I love that smile.”
Anyway… Their day was awesome. I would have loved even more time shooting with these guys and their entire bridal party. I guess, after all though, it’s not my day. So we just captured all the awesome going down which you can enjoy in the video below as well as the photos. 😉
Vendor List:
Church: Saint John’s Episcopal Church | Waterbury, CT
Venue: Aria | Prospect, CT
Photographer: TAB Photographic 🙂
Videographer: None
DJ: JFC Music Productions | Greenwich, CT
Florist: Earth Blossoms | Harwinton, CT
Shoes: Nothing special
Dress: Allure Bridal purchased from Mariella’s | Rocky Hill, CT
Tux: Wedding Embassy | Watertown, CT
Rings: Hannoush Jewelers | Danbury, CT
Cake: Modern Pastry | Hartford, CT
Limo Service: Gateway Limousine | Waterbury, CT
Hotel: Courtyard Marriott | Waterbury, CT
Any other special pieces of the day (like things ordered on etsy or??)
• Custom veil made from my mother’s wedding dress. Done by Bonny’s Tailoring in Southington, CT.
• Wine barrel head top that people signed as a guest book custom made from
• I made all the table names/numbers, escort cards, and ceremony sheets. Tables were named after wineries that Mark and I had visited.
• Favors were balsamic and olive oils… which came from this little shop we visited in Healdsburg, CA (Sonoma County).
• Cake cutter was the same one used by Mark’s mother and late father at their wedding.
• Hair by Salon Couture | Watertown, CT
• Chair backings by Away to Go Linens.



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Simsbury Ct. Riverview Wedding for Ariana and Eric by TAB Photographic

Riverview Wedding Simsbury Ct. by TAB Photographic Ct. Wedding Photographer Pricing affordableLet’s rewind Eric and Ariana’s life a bit… Now go a bit further…. And now a bit further than that. Let’s actually go all the way back to 8th grade. you know, that age when you think you’re so incredibly cool, but also scared to death because in a few months you’re going to be a freshman in high school starting the climb up the educational ladder once again… Yes. 8th grade. Why 8th grade??? Simple. That’s when they met. At one single 8th grade dance. (middle school dance in 2000 to be exact but hey…. I’m the one writing this story. haha)…

Now, we jump forward. To a time a few years later where they carved their initials into a tree at Vally Falls.

Riverview Wedding Simsbury Ct. by TAB Photographic Ct. Wedding Photographer Pricing affordable Larissa Lake Make up ArtistAnd now… Now we jump forward even a bit more to a hot and steamy day when Eric decided to take Ariana on an early morning hike back up to Vally Falls ( Eric must always take the lead as he also said I love you first. 😉 ). Ariana, yea. She wasn’t as excited to go. However, being the trooper she is… She agreed. Once at the top though, she was done. “We need to leave” she said to Eric not feeling so hot… “that’s when we stood up and he got down on one knee and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and if i would marry him! I was so excited and surprised I said a couple explitives and said YES !!! My stomach didn’t hurt anymore and as we left we told every person coming up the trail that we were engaged it was amazing. I called my parents and they already had an engagment party happening for us that afternoon. We went to his parents house had champagne to celebrate !!!”

Now we fast forward even further to a wonderful autumn wedding day. A bit chilly, but still great. The weather stellar just like so many other days this year. The ceremony was wonderful. The candles lit, the vows exchanged. Some tears wiped away. And they did it. They both said their I-do’s and more. And yes, yes they even kissed. haha…

Riverview Wedding Simsbury Ct. by TAB Photographic Ct. Wedding Photographer Pricing affordable Larissa Lake Make up ArtistAfter the ceremony it was time for some photos in Hartford, after a bit of confusion, we rocked them out and moved onto the Riverview. Dances were great, the band was awesome. And I mean…. There was so much excitement and dancing, during the outside photos they created steam with their love and more.Riverview Wedding Simsbury Ct. by TAB Photographic Ct. Wedding Photographer Pricing affordable Larissa Lake Make up Artist

Really, what you can do is enjoy the slideshow / movie below and the images of course. And if you know of someone or are in need yourself, no matter where in the country or world you are. Use the contact button above and I’ll personally help rock out your photos needs.

OH! You should also leave some love and more in the comments area below to keep these two warm in the coming months of Winter with their goals from here on out to love love love and to start a family together all of their own.

Vendor List:
Church: Saint George Greek Orthodox Church
Venue: The Riverview
Photographer: TAB Photographic —> ME!
Make Up: Larissa Lake & Co.
Videographer: Classic Video Productions
DJ: Bob Adamowicz
Greek Band: George Tsilemekis’ Band
Florist: Carey Stems Floral Design
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Dress: I don’t even know hahaha
Rings: Got them from Brays Jeweler in Manchester
Limo Service: Premier Limousines 
Hotel: Hartford Marriott
Belt from Sparkle and Shine



Your Ct. NYC Boston Wedding Photographer – TAB Photographic

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